Saucer size[edit source]

Does anyone have any reliable info on the relative sizes of Time War saucers? I note the article claimed that the flagship in 'Parting of the Ways' was about ten times the size of a standard saucer; however, comparing the two in screencaps, I would have said it was more than ten (so I've changed to it just "many times"). Anglo-Norman 23:20, 11 January 2009 (UTC)

200th century?[edit source]

Weren't they in the year 200,100 when the Emperor Dalek made his presence known to the Ninth Doctor? If so, wouldn't that make it the 2000th century, not the 200th? Of course, I could be mixing up some kind of mundane detail like a decimal point again.

No, you're not making a decimal error. A century is 100 years, based on a counting system in which counting begins at 1, not zero.
So to figure out what century it is, divide the year by 100, round down, and add 1 to the last digit. So 1984/100 19.84. Round down to 19, add 1, and you have 20. Thus, 20,100/100 = 201. Add 1 and you've got the 202nd cenury. 200,100, therefore is the 2002nd century.
Of course this discussion leaves to one side what century a year ending in two zeroes actually belongs to. Some vehemently believe it's the last year of a century; others think it's the first year of a new century. So 200,100 is perhaps the 2002d century or the 2001st century. Knowing the Doctor's level of education, he'd probably say it's the last year of the 2001st century. (Well, the pretentious Sixth Doctor certainly would, at any rate; the 10th might well be more forgiving.) Most companions would definitely say it's the 2002d. Unless they made the same math error we did in the article. CzechOut | 17:18, March 24, 2010 (UTC)
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