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The title "Coordinator" seems to have been used inconsistently in different stories. Sure, in later stories — particularly Big Finish's Gallifrey stories — the Coordinator is the head of the CIA, but in The Deadly Assassin Coordinator Engin does not seem to be affiliated with the CIA. In fact, this is the dialogue at the CIA's first mention:

ENGIN (reading from the Doctor's record): The sentence was subsequently remitted at the intercession of the CIA. SPANDRELL: The Celestial Intervention Agency. They get their fingers into everything. Is he mixed up with them? ENGIN: There's nothing further on the file. SPANDRELL: Oh yes, they'd see to it that there wouldn't be.

That conversation just doesn't make sense if Engin is the head of the CIA. So I think that "Coordinator" is simply a title, like "Director", shared by different offices in the Time Lord hierarchy. I'll need to check Divided Loyalties to clarify the positions held by Azmael and Jelpax, listed here as Coordinators of the CIA but on their own pages as "Coordinator of the Matrix" and "Coordinator of the APC Net". Since APC Net and Matrix are often used interchangeably, these are probably the same position, possibly the same as Engin's (but possibly not). I'd think that it was the same as the Keeper of the Matrix, but it looks like Engin took that post in The Eight Doctors (another book I'll have to check), so unless it says he "resumed" the post we probably can't treat them as identical.

But as for this page, I think that we need to split it into at least two: Coordinator, the general title, and Coordinator of the Celestial Intervention Agency for the post held by Vansell and Narvin. Thoughts? —Josiah Rowe talk to me 17:43, May 21, 2012 (UTC)

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