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When I encountered it, article had this little italicised speculation:

Rather curiously, both stalks come from buffets which are essentially figments of other people's imagination (Castrovalva and the Eternal's ship both being 'unreal') - although this may explain why the celery never goes off.

First of all, we're really trying to cut down on this kind of speculation these days. A better way to write this would be to included in the proper, un-italicised text and say:

Both stalks came from buffets which were figments of other people's imaginations, since both Castrovalva and the Eternal's ship were "unreal".

However, it's not even true. The celery is produced well after Castrovalva is destroyed, at the very end of ep 4. The banquet happened much earlier, in ep 2. There is never a scene of the Doctor stashing this celery away in his pocket. We see him pick up one and only one stalk. He eats it, so this ep 4 celery is a different stalk. And it's as real as anything else in those closing scenes. For all we know, he found some naturally growing on the planet during the jog back to the TARDIS. As for the Eternal's ship, we're never really quite sure how "real" all that is.
czechout@fandom   17:46: Thu 23 Feb 2012 

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