Separate Pages for Spin off Big FinishEdit

I'm thinking about creating a separate page for the Gallifrey, Dalek Empire, Sarah Jane Smith and UNIT audio dramas. Something along the lines of Big Finish - Doctor Who Expanded Universe Audio Dramas. Except that's a pretty long title.

So perhaps a separate page for the Dalek Empire audio dramas since they've got a pretty big universe that is quite cut off from the standard monthly releases in terms of characters; Big Finish - Dalek Empire Audio Dramas. Then also a separate page for Big Finish - Gallifrey (series) Audio Dramas.

Put Sarah Jane Smith and UNIT together as...Big Finish - Earth Based Audio Dramas or something like that. Also the Cybermen series will need some where to go as well. --Tangerineduel 04:29, 14 April 2007 (UTC)

Just as a comment, the first title doesn't need to be as long, as something like Big Finish - Expanded Universe would work just as well, unless Big Finish makes something other than audio dramas, which, as far as I'm aware, they don't. ~ Ghelæ -talk-contribs 13:09, 14 April 2007 (UTC)
Expanded Universe woudl technically refer to *all* Big Finish stories, since they didn't occur on television. just so readers can see as much as possible at one glance, I would just do Main Series and Others, and list the series in the order that Big Finish released them. you might also want a distinction between series that had more than one "season", like the Gallifrey stories, and self-contained ones like, I, Davros and Doctor Who Unbound. I would put a link to the Big Finish Bernice Summerfield stories on a separate page, for two reasons. one, because Bif Finish brand them very differently and put them another section of their website and two, to make the page less long (unless you with it that way.

The Expanded Universe wouldn't refer to all the Big Finish, as technically it all is part of the same universe, the Expanded part would refer to them being expanded from the Big Finish monthly series.
Big Finish does make other stuff other than audios: they publish the Short Trips anthologies, the Bernice Summerfield stories, the 2000ad, Saphire and Steel and Tomorrow People audios as well. --Tangerineduel 13:27, 14 April 2007 (UTC)

Continuing with this ideaEdit

I am glad that the idea for separate pages for each of these series has gone forward, in lage measure. However, I think that this page should only be about the monthly range. Period. Everything else needs to be firmly moved to its own page, with explanatory text added. Doctor Who Unbound, for example, belongs solely on its own page. It's entirely and quite deliberately its own range. Just because the words "Doctor Who" are in the title is no reason to put a range on this page. Also, the list itself should be on its own list page. For instance, there should be Doctor Who monthly series audios and List of Doctor Who monthly series audios. There's a hell of a lot that could be said about just the standard, monthly range, as evidenced by the wikipedia article on the same subject. It's quite unsatisfactory having the series title link in the infoboxes taking you to what's merely a list page, for all intents and purposes. I want to know about the series, not just the titles in that range. Why the Eighth Doctor Adventures are "New" isn't really addressed by clicking on the link. A new user might be confused by what a "Companion Chronicle" is, or unsatisfied by the one or two lines about what makes something "unbound" or what Gallifrey is all about, or what makes the Sarah Jane series different than its two televised counterparts. We in general need to take a step back and consider that the most basic questions about these series still aren't answered by this wiki.

And we might want to consider whether there needs to be a standard naming convention applied. Here's a sample of how it all looks now:

  • Doctor Who Unbound — I suppose the thinking here is that there's no other Doctor Who Unbound out there. But aren't there short stories labelled Doctor Who Unbound stories? I would tend to think there needs to be one page explaining the term "unbound" (how that's the equivalent to Star Wars "infinities", or DC's "elseworlds", for instance), and then one page on the series itself.
  • Dalek Empire (audio series) is strange, in that it names Big Finish in its title, whereas the majority of these pages just say "audio series"
  • Cyberman (audio series)
  • I, Davros is slightly odd in that it's unmodified. Presumably this is because there's no other I, Davros out there, but you face a basic arbitrary decision with this one. One wiki "convention" says that if there's nothing else of that name, it doesn't need to be modified. Another says you should name things in an easy-to-find manner. If virtually everything else that's an audio series follows a pattern, isn't it easier-to-find if you make this one follow the same pattern?
  • Gallifrey (audio series)
  • U.N.I.T. (audio series) is slightly awkward as it follows a different spelling of UNIT to the UNIT page.
  • Iris Wildthyme (audio series)

The basic predeliction seems to be to write Series name (audio series). But given how Big Finish have named the main line (namely, "Doctor Who monthly series"), I think a better standard might be the much simpler, ]]Series Name audios]]. So, Sarah Jane Smith audios, Companion Chronicles audios, Dalek Empire audios etc. CzechOut | 09:31, 18 July 2008 (UTC)

I was about to suggest we make a seperate page for the 8th Doctor/Lucie adventures and the companion chronicles, since they're now just more than mini-series. Looks like someone already beat me to suggesting it. I don't think this page should be solely the mainline monthly series though, but sort of the hub to where visitors can get access to all the series. --Colleyd 17:59, 22 July 2008 (UTC)Woof.
I think a page about the New Eighth Doctor Adventures (the ones with Lucie) should have their own page, unless they do already in which case I haven't found it. I'd love to know more about the series and information from the Big Finish Site is rather hard to come by... I'd also love to know why Series 4 has taken far longer than the other 3 seasons, but that's eluding me too.-- 09:49, October 15, 2010 (UTC)
At the moment i don't see a problem but i think the CC should definatly have there own since they are releasing then 12 a year however unless the new 8th doc adventures gets renewed for a third season and or fourth season i don't think its long enough to warrant its own page Dark Lord Xander 09:00, 23 July 2008 (UTC)
Nick Briggs confirmed a season 3 for 8th/Lucie in on the more recent blogs (The Nick Briggs To-Do-List) on the BF website. --Colleyd 19:07, 23 July 2008 (UTC)Woof.
Thanks for that i seemed to have missed it :) Dark Lord Xander 07:30, 24 July 2008 (UTC)
Given that the Iris Wildthyme stuff has its own page, and it's only got two releases — or that K9 and Company never went beyond a pilot but is still considered a series —I don't think size of series is really a factor when determining whether it gets its own page. The NEDAs are definitionally a new vision for the character which has its own internal continuity. Far as I can see, there's only the most oblique reference from the NEDAs to the previous 8th Doctor stories by BF, in the form of Vortisaurs. CzechOut | 08:48, 24 July 2008 (UTC)

The Gallifreyan Civil War Edit

Where did this info come from?

It was fan fiction as their has been no indication from the Big finish site that it has anything to do with it --Dark Lord Xander 04:32, 8 September 2008 (UTC)

New Big Finish Website effecting links Edit

Big Finish have revamped their website yesterday and I noticed that the address for the Big Finish home page has changed so if I clicked the home page on the link below I'd get a 404 error. Is it possible to change the Big Finish link template? Ventry Girl talk to me 06:10, May 1, 2012 (UTC)

Site address in template fix. Thanks for alerting us. --Tangerineduel / talk 06:47, May 1, 2012 (UTC)

Eighth Doctor AdventuresEdit

Are there any further releases planned in this series after Dark Eyes?

Yes. Nick Briggs stated in Vortex Magazine that three more box sets are planned, one to be released this year and the other two in 2014. They are tentatively titled (BIG spoiler alert!) Dark Eyes 2, 3, and 4. Bubblecamera 16:09, January 12, 2013 (UTC)

At present Dark Eyes is listed twice: once under the 2012 Specials, once under the Eighth Doctor Adventures. Both are legitimate placements, unless we consider the 2012 specials a less formal group. The "Special Box Set" heading under Eighth Doctor Adventures will also obviously change once the second box set is released. Gousha 03:58, January 19, 2013 (UTC)

Eighth Doctor adventures seasons: Add new page?Edit

All seasons of Classic Who and all series of NuWho, TW, and SJA have their own pages. So why not these?

Trilogy titling Edit

In the big list of all the monthly range stories, in the "title" column - and, indeed, on the pages themselves - The Judgement of Isskar, The Destroyer of Delights, and The Chaos Pool aren't preceded by "The Key 2 Time:". However, the upcoming releases Fanfare for the Common Men, The Space Race, and The Assassination Games are preceded by "1963:".

I feel we should be consistent with whether stories that are part of officially-named trilogies should have the trilogy name listed as part of their title, or at least have some criteria for whether it's listed or not. Bubblecamera 17:19, May 11, 2013 (UTC)

Auld Mortality - second incarnation? Edit

The section for Auld Mortaility says:

(Unbound 1, second incarnation)

I thought this Doctor was meant to a first incarnation, in other words Hartnell's Doctor but who never left Gallifrey? He certainly comes across that way in the performance.

New Adventures of Benny Edit

There isn't a series page, it's a red link. Surely easier to list two boxsets on here than elsewhere? And don't give me the "it's Bernice Summerfield not Doctor Who" excuse. No reason why it shouldn't be listed as a table on here. Notsimonpegg 16:33, December 15, 2015 (UTC)

There is a page for it, Doctor Who - The New Adventures of Bernice Summerfield it's waiting a page move/rename that's why the links are red Adric♥NyssaTalk? 17:54, December 15, 2015 (UTC)
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