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This list went for years without numbering Scream of the Shalka. The latest revision has user: suddenly adding the number for Scream and claiming that it was "revisionist" not to number it. Can we get some independent confirmation that Scream is actually numbered, or at least implied to be numbered by later numbering? Do we have some kinda proof somewhere that it's actually meant to be in this series? Would the BBC have considered REG a past Doctor — when they were wholly disavowing this Doctor?
czechout@fandom    02:23: Mon 19 Nov 2012

Yes, there is an implied list of numbering.
The ISBNs.
Keeping in mind the PDAs and EDAs were being released alternating months by the time that Shalka was released let's take a look.
Released November 2003 Deadly Reunion (novel) - ISBN 0 563 48610 4
Released January 2004 Sometime Never... (novel) - ISBN 0 563 48611 2
Released February 2004 Scream of the Shalka (novelisation) - ISBN 0 563 48619 8
Released March 2004 Empire of Death (novel) - ISBN 0 563 48612 0
International Standard Book Number will explain the specifics of these numbers but the ones we need to worry about is the 8th and 9th numbers. These represent the book's title or "item number" according to Wikipedia.
Here we can see the releases go Deadly Reunion, Sometime Never, Empire of Death.
However, as you will also be able to see Shalka does still have a number in common with the rest which suggests that it, or the ISBN used for Shalka was going to go later in the range before The Sleep of Reason (novel). Additionally, while the ISBNs are consistently numbered later in the range early in the PDA and EDA ranges they are somewhat less consistent in their numberings Doctor Who Books Checklist has an easy to read list with the ISBNs next to all the books should anyone want to look. --Tangerineduel / talk 04:45, November 19, 2012 (UTC)