Excised from Myths sectionEdit

When I encountered it, the article said

  • Pierce Brosnan auditioned for the role of Maxil. This is reported at A Brief History of Time (Travel). Filming for this story began in May of 1982, very close to when Remington Steele first began production, - close enough to make the truth of this rumour somewhat doubtful.

Well, this is a fundamental misread of what Shanon Sullivan says. He doesn't at all say that Brosnan auditioned for the role. He says Brosnan was "under consideration for" the role. This can mean just about anything, especially when dealing with JNT. Sean Connery "was considered by" JNT for some role or other, too. That doesn't mean Brosnan actually came in and read for the thing. We can't create our own myths from sloppy reading of sources. CzechOut | 04:20, 23 May 2009 (UTC)

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