When I encountered it, the article had this entire section of unsourced statements. Some, especially the first one, are potentially libellous, and shouldn't be returned to the article without clear sourcing:

  • Ainley was known to have detested Tom Baker in his final year as the Fourth Doctor.
  • Ainley loathed all cheeses, particularly Brie and Stilton.
  • Ainley was very friendly with his fans, and answered much of his fan mail personally. He would often write his letters longhand on pages of Doctor Who scripts he was currently or had just worked on.
  • His half-brother, Richard Ainley, was an actor who later became a drama teacher, counting Tom Baker among his students.

czechout@fandom   18:48: Tue 25 Oct 2011 


As well as Tremas and the Master, I suppose he played Kamelion as well. In fact, the Kamelion article on this site confirms it. to me 17:04, January 9, 2018 (UTC)

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