Is this really the LIVE 34 guy? Edit

Just by way of conformational evidence, I leave here the text of a message from another user who provided the following proof that this Andrew Collins appeared in AUDIO: LIVE 34.
czechout@fandom   02:06: Tue 10 Jul 2012 

The proof is that I own the play in question, Live 34, and I am 100% certain that the part of Drew Shahan is voiced by Andrew Collins (critic). The conceit of the play being that it is one long radio broadcast, so Big Finish hired a real-life broadcaster Andrew Collins (critic) to play the part of the radio DJ, Drew Shahan. There's a picture of Andrew Collins (critic) inside the booklet for Live 34 which matches the likeness of that we already have for Andrew Collins (critic).

Andrew Collins (actor) has featured regularly in several Dark Shadows plays, all of which I own, also released by Big Finish, and has a totally different sounding voice to Andrew Collins (critic).

I wasn't suggesting that Andrew Collins (actor) and Andrew Collins (critic) are one and the same, but two different people, one of which, Andrew Collins (actor), has no Doctor Who connections.

Hope this helps, I look forward to contributing to the wiki in the future. Claude North talk to me 18:01, July 9, 2012 (UTC)

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