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Tales of the TARDIS is a Doctor Who spin-off series created to celebrate Doctor Who's 60th anniversary. The series is exclusively available on the Whoniverse, a new home on BBC iPlayer for all DWU content.

The six-episode series consists of six classic Doctor Who serials, with each serial edited together to form a single episode. Newly filmed material with the serial's original cast bookends each episode, with the Doctor and/or their companions telling tales within "a remembered TARDIS".

A special episode was released, to lead into the Doctor Who Season 1 (Series 14) finale. It was later revealed to be Pyramids of Mars, in conjunction with the return of Sutekh in The Legend of Ruby Sunday/Empire of Death.

The spin-off was executive-produced by current Doctor Who showrunner Russell T Davies along with Julie Gardner and Jane Tranter, and was written by Davies, Pete McTighe and Phil Ford. Sam Watts, the composer for The Sarah Jane Adventures, returned to score the series.


In DWM 596, Doctor Who script editor Scott Handcock cryptically referred to an August kick-off meeting for something called "TOTT". Fans speculated over what this acronym could stand for, with the most popular suggestion being "Tales of the TARDIS".[source needed] Tales of the TARDIS was then officially announced on 30 October, 2023, releasing on 1 November, 2023.

Russell T Davies clarified on Instagram[1] that, though the BBC and Bad Wolf had struck a production and distribution deal with Disney Branded Television for new episodes of Doctor Who, there are currently no plans to bring TOTT to Disney+, with "no Disney money" being involved in the production. For the time being, the series will be exclusively available in the UK via BBC iPlayer.

On 3 June, 2024, a special episode of Tales of the TARDIS was announced to be releasing on 20 June, 2024. On 27 June, 2024, the Season 1 (Series 14) DVD, Blu-ray and Steelbook were announced with Tales of The TARDIS: Pyramids of Mars being included as a special feature. A physical media release for the other 6 episodes has still not been confirmed, and it is unknown if it will ever happen.


# Title Writer Director Doctor Featuring Released
1 Earthshock Russell T Davies Joshua M.G. Thomas 5th Adric, Nyssa, Tegan 1 November, 2023
2 The Mind Robber Pete McTighe 2nd Jamie, Zoe
3 Vengeance on Varos Phil Ford 6th Peri
4 The Three Doctors 1st, 2nd, 3rd Jo, The Brigadier, Benton, Clyde
5 The Time Meddler 1st Vicki, Steven
6 The Curse of Fenric Pete McTighe 7th Ace
S Pyramids of Mars Russell T Davies Jamie Donoughue 4th, 15th Sarah, Ruby 20 June, 2024

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