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Tales of the Great Detectives was the third The City of the Saved anthology. It focused on the various versions of Sherlock Holmes that lived in the City.

Publisher's summary[]

The City of the Saved houses every human being who ever lived… but some of its immortal Citizens need more.

For the Remakers, one fiction above all exerts its fascination: a character existing in countless interpretations, many of them now recreated in the flesh and in business together as the Great Detective Agency.

These are their tales.

In the Agency’s annals, the City’s many Sherlock Holmeses solve the Case of the Pipe Dream, experience the Adventure of the Piltdown Prelate and explore the strangely clichéd Mansion of Doom. A Watson falls in love; a Moriarty goes missing; and Holmes comes face-to-face with his arch-nemesis, the sinister Dr Conan Doyle…

Individual stories[]

Title Author
Saqqaf Philip Purser-Hallard
Young Sherlock Holmes and the Mansion of Doom Stephen Marley
Eliminating the Impossible Jess Faraday
The Case of the Pipe Dream Chantelle Messier
Art in the Blood Kelly Hale
The Adventure of the Piltdown Prelate Andrew Hickey
The Baker Street Dozen Elizabeth Evershed
Sussex Philip Purser-Hallard

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