Tales of the Civil War was the fifth anthology in the City of the Saved series.

Publisher's summary[edit | edit source]

War has come to the City of the Saved. Once immune from harm, the resurrected Citizens of the universe find themselves once again most terribly fragile — and just as in the universe, too many of them now strive to take advantage of the fact.

In this unfamiliar City, the resurrected must revive the long-forgotten skills of their original lives. Knights, courtiers, detectives, killers, nurses, adventurers, spies, the afterlives of all will be irrevocably changed by the Civil War.

Individual stories[edit | edit source]

Title Author
The Tale of Sir Hedwyn Kara Dennison
The Age of Meeting Ourselves Again Kelly Hale
The Queen of Clubs Louise Sellers
To Die by the Sword Helen Angove
Just Passing Through Juliet Kemp
Angels on a Hoverbike Selina Lock
Interlude from a Civil War Philip Purser-Hallard

Notes[edit | edit source]

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