Tales of Terror was a 2017 collection of Halloween short stories.

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A new spine-chilling collection of twelve short illustrated adventures packed with terrifying Doctor Who monsters and villains, just in time for Halloween 2017!

Each short story will feature a frightening nemesis for the Doctor to outwit, and each will star one incarnation of the Doctor with additional appearances from favourite friends and companions such as Sarah Jane, Jo and Ace.

Stories Edit

# Title Author Read by Doctor Featuring
1 Murder in the Dark Jacqueline Rayner David Bailie 1st Steven, Dodo, Celestial Toymaker
2 Something at the Door Mike Tucker Rachael Stirling 2nd Ben, Polly, Jamie
3 The Monster in the Woods Paul Magrs Derek Jacobi 3rd The Brigadier, Jo, Daleks
4 Toil and Trouble Richard Dungworth Adjoa Andoh 4th Sarah, Harry, Carrionites
5 Mark of the Medusa Mike Tucker Rachael Stirling 5th Tegan, Turlough, Kamelion, Vittorio Levi
6 Trick or Treat Jacqueline Rayner David Bailie 6th Celestial Toymaker
7 The Living Image Scott Handcock Sophie Aldred 7th Ace
8 Organism 96 Paul Magrs Adjoa Andoh 8th
9 The Patchwork Pierrot Scott Handcock Rachael Stirling 9th Cybermen
10 Blood Will Out Richard Dungworth Sophie Aldred 10th Donna, Family of Blood
11 The Mist of Sorrow Craig Donaghy 11th Weeping Angels
12 Baby Sleepy Face Derek Jacobi 12th Autons

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