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Tales from the TARDIS was the name of a 2008 BBC Audiobooks duology of Short Trips prose stories, adapted for audio. Both were read by Nicholas Courtney, with Sophie Aldred providing some of the dialogue.

Publisher's summary[]

Sophie Aldred and Nicholas Courtney read two exciting Doctor Who stories

Sophie Aldred (who played the Doctor's assistant Ace) and Nicholas Courtney (the Brigadier) read two Doctor Who stories written by Steve Lyons and Paul Magrs.

Freedom by Steve Lyons
The Third Doctor faces the Master and a conflict of interests in a mysterious prison...

Old Flames by Paul Magrs
The Fourth Doctor meets a mischievous acquaintance from his past...

Two short stories featuring familiar Doctor Who characters in intriguing and original situations.


Both of these stories were originally included on the audio cassette Short Trips, then re-issued on the MP3-CD Tales from the TARDIS: Volume One, before being finally released on audio CD here.