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Tales from the TARDIS: Volume One was an MP3 CD release from BBC Audio containing a collection of previously released audio versions of Target novelisations and Short Trips.

Publisher's summary[]

This first volume of readings features twelve stories of excitement and adventure in distant times and places. In The Curse of Peladon (read by Jon Pertwee), the Doctor and Jo visit a primitive planet where they encounter a delegation of aliens- including the Ice Warriors. In Kinda (read by Peter Davison), a serpent at the heart of paradise poses danger for the TARDIS crew and a human survey team. Attack of the Cybermen (read by Colin Baker) sees the Cybermen embarking on a plan to change history...by crashing Halley's Comet into Earth. Out of the Darkness (read by Colin Baker and Nicola Bryant) comprises three gripping original short stories starring the Sixth Doctor and Peri; while Short Trips (read by Nicholas Courtney and Sophie Aldred) is a compilation of six short stories featuring familiar Doctor Who characters in intriguing and original situations.


Title Author Read by Doctor Featuring Released
The Curse of Peladon Brian Hayles Jon Pertwee 3rd Jo 19 July 2004
Kinda Terrance Dicks Peter Davison 5th Adric, Nyssa, Tegan
Attack of the Cybermen Eric Saward Colin Baker 6th Peri, Cybermen
Moon Graffiti Dave Stone Colin Baker, Nicola Bryant Peri
Wish You Were Here Guy Clapperton
Vigil Michael Collier Peri
Freedom Steve Lyons Nicholas Courtney, Sophie Aldred 3rd Jo, the Brigadier, Benton
Model Train Set Jonathan Blum Sophie Aldred 8th
Glass Tara Samms 4th Romana II
Degrees of Truth David A. McIntee Nicholas Courtney 3rd The Brigadier
Stop the Pigeon Mike Tucker, Robert Perry Sophie Aldred 7th Ace, the Master
Old Flames Paul Magrs Nicholas Courtney 4th Sarah, Iris Wildthyme


Old cover.

  • This anthology was reissued in standard CD format in November 2016.

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