Takis was the head of security at Tranquil Repose on Necros. He liked the flowers of Necros and felt they gave a nice look to the caskets at the funerals. He was assisted by Lilt.

When Davros took over, he felt that too much had changed. He called the Daleks, which Davros called the "Renegade Daleks", and informed them of Davros. They had apparently made a deal, but the Daleks were only interested in Davros.

After they took them, and Orcini destroyed Davros' new generation of Daleks which also destroyed most of Tranquil Repose, Takis and the rest of the staff decided to become farmers, since the protein provided by Davros was no longer available and the weed plant of Necros, when refined, produced protein. (TV: Revelation of the Daleks)

Behind the scenesEdit

  • In the novelisation, Takis is given the first name Lancelot. This was not derived from any information given in the televised version.
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