Taking Mickey was a story featured in Doctor Who Files 5: Mickey. It was written by Justin Richards.

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After signing up to various websites about UFOs and aliens, on a Wednesday morning, Mickey Smith receives an email from a woman calling herself "Jill" telling Mickey she has information regarding UNIT and the Doctor. Mickey agrees to meet up at her home before her children come home from school. Not long after arriving, Mickey feels uncomfortable as Jill seems more intent on finding out where the Doctor is than sharing any useful information. His concerns are borne out when the children arrive home. "Jill" is actually Jillonga, and her children, Yanta and Slopp, are aliens from the planet Wolanga, who have travelled to Earth (a journey taking sixty years), to avenge the death of her husband Bloodgrudge, a Trimestrian Warlord, killed by one of his own traps meant for the Doctor.

Mickey tries to escape, but the house itself is a spaceship, ready for take off with Mickey on board being held hostage until he reveals the whereabouts of the Doctor. Discovered hiding in the bedroom by the playful and excitable children, Mickey persuades them to play a new game, Airlock Runner, one person leaving in the airlock while the others wait in turn for a knock on the door signalling their go! Showing them how it's played, Mickey goes first. As the children wait for the knock on the door, and the ship takes off, Jillonga's howl of rage is heard echoing through the ship.

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