Lady Takashi was a human with psychic powers. She shared this ability with all of the other women in her family.

She was part of an expedition funded by Rudy Zoom after Oksanna, the alien Haluu in her dreams, drew her to the moon Titan. As part of Rudy's contract, Lady Takashi was in charge of navigation of the land ship the Beagle. Later, when the ship changed its buoyancy and sailed on the methane river, the Beagle approached a cavern, and Lady Takashi said that they were close. They found a garden with a breathable environment and artificial gravity, but no animal life. The team was attacked by the Garden's robotic Keeper, but the Twelfth Doctor stopped it. Afterwards, the Haluu plants in the Garden intended to consume them. The Haluu wrapped themselves around the humans, but the Doctor was able to free himself and Lady Takashi by reactivating the Keeper and using it against the Haluu, but was unable to save most of the human expedition as they were fed to the Haluu progenitor Sythorr. Through the Dreamspace, the Doctor showed Takashi and Oksanna that Oksanna was a human—specifically Takashi's mother—whose soul was taken at her body's death and grown into a Haluu. Lady Takashi embraced her mother, telling her how she answered her call after Takashi dreamt for many years about her. Remembering her previous life, Oksanna sacrificed herself to atone for actions by blowing up the Garden along with Sythorr. Lady Takashi escaped to the ship before this happened. (COMIC: The Soul Garden)

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