Tabby was a Rezzie who lived in a Paradise Towers flat with Tilda.

As was the case with several Rezzies, Tabby and Tilda turned to cannibalism due to a lack of food. This habit made the Kangs fear them.

When Melanie Bush visited them, Tabby and Tilda ensured she had enough to eat, giving her many helpings of crumpets and tea. When Pex burst through the door of their flat, Mel left and they asked Pex to leave as well.

Somewhat upset at having missed an opportunity, they found someone else to eat. Maddy visited them and told them about the recent deaths among the caretakers. When Mel visited them a second time, Tilda told Tabby they couldn't afford to miss the opportunity, so they threw a net over her and Tabby threatened her with a toasting fork.

While Tabby was preparing some food, Mel warned to her that there was a fault with the waste disposal unit and Tabby went to check it. As she did so, the claw of a cleaner emerged from it, grabbed her around the neck and dragged her through. She either died in the process or shortly after and Tilda was killed in the same manner. Maddy later regarded them both as the worst of the Rezzies. (TV: Paradise Towers)

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