TVOntario is a Canadian broadcasting network that airs arts and education progamming in the province of Ontario. Beginning in 1976 and throughout the 1980s, it aired specially edited episodes of Doctor Who. They had introductory narration by Howard da Silva added to the Tom Baker episodes from Season 12 to 15 to recap the storyline. In addition, noted science fiction author Judith Merril introduced some episodes and discussed the science fiction themes therein.

The Peter Davison series began in the fall of 1984, but The Five Doctors did not air with Season 20. Colin Baker's stories began in 1987 and Sylvester McCoy's season 24 started in January 1989.

TVOntario's broadcasts ended in September 1989 with the repeat airing of Dragonfire. The decision to drop Doctor Who was likely due to Ontario viewers choosing to watch the series via Public Broadcasting Service affiliates in the United States that had been offered in Canada via cable television since the late 1970s. In addition, the national network YTV had also begun airing original versions of the episodes.

Some of da Silva's recaps and narration have been included as bonus features on DVD releases of applicable Tom Baker-era episodes.

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