The second issue of The Essential Doctor Who was published on 11 June 2014. It was centred on the TARDIS.

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"It's called the TARDIS. It can travel anywhere in time and space. And it's mine."

The Time And Relative Dimension In Space machine has been a constant in Doctor Who since the series began. Yet how much do we actually know about the device that has triggered more than 50 years of adventure?

This richly illustrated publication explores the mysteries of the Doctor's ship and reveals how its numerous versions were created. Get on board for the journey of a lifetime!

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  • The TARDIS console replica constructed by Chris Petts was unveiled at the Doc Lands @ 50 anniversary Party in London 2013.
  • This bookazine from Panini Comics continued a new and distinct series of special edition guides to Doctor Who in all mediums and was priced £9.99 (UK) running to 116 pages.
  • The contents saw a combination of televised adventure features interspersed with behind the scenes themed articles. Televised adventures were covered by a double page spread that included story feature, TARDIS Technology, (development of), Outside the Box (TARDIS exteriors) Classic Scene and Essential Data (broadcast and credit details).
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