The eleventh issue of The Essential Doctor Who, subtitled Adventures in Space, was centred on space travel in Doctor Who.

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"Space, the final frontier. Final, because it wants to kill us..."

The TARDIS, doesn't just travel through time — stories set in space have been an essential part of Doctor Who for six decades. The inhospitable void between the stars as served as the backdrop to epic space operas and nerve-racking thrillers, while harbouring some of the most dangerous adversaries the Doctor has ever encountered.

This lavish publication navigates a revealing course through the space lanes of Doctor Who, with exclusive interviews, rare images, and guides to some of the most memorable episodes.

Contents Edit

  • The British Invasion of Space
A look at the history of the British space programme in Doctor Who
The mystery surrounding the saucer model for the theatrical film Daleks' Invasion Earth 2150 A.D. and its whereabouts
An abridged part of a biography of director Douglas Camfield focusing on his work on The Daleks' Master Plan
Costume designer Nicholas Bullen is interviewed on his designs for The Space Pirates
The story of writer David Whitaker's 1969 trip to the International Writers' Conference in Moscow while in the middle of writing The Ambassadors of Death
Examining the role of the space opera in Doctor Who
Highlights of over 50 years of space adventures in Doctor Who comics
Interview with writer Bob Baker
Graphic designer Sid Sutton talks about how he created his 1980s title sequences
The long development of the unmade television story The Song of the Space Whale, which eventually got made into the 2010 audio play The Song of Megaptera
Mike Tucker recalls the creation of the long model shot sequence at the beginning of The Mysterious Planet
Looking at depictions of space travel in novels and novelisations
  • 42
  • The Impossible Suit
Costume designer Louise Page discusses the creation of the orange space suit originally worn in The Impossible Planet
A look at the planning work of Doctor Who's concept artists
Interview with writer Jamie Mathieson on his television story Oxygen
  • Oxygen
  • Ground Control
Director Charles Palmer discusses how he made Oxygen
  • Fighting the Suits
Costume designer Hayley Nebauer explains how she realised the spacesuits for Oxygen
  • Days of Future Past
A look at the various space travel articles in the Doctor Who annuals

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BBC Worldwide, UK Publishing

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  1. Mostly focusing on the Hyperion III scenes in Terror of the Vervoids
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