The first issue of The Essential Doctor Who was published on 28 March 2014. It was centred on the Cybermen.

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"Our life span was getting shorter, so our scientists and doctors devised spare parts for our bodies until we could be almost completely replaced."

A nightmare of medical science in the shape of giant, emotionless killers, the Cybermen joined the ranks of iconic Doctor Who monsters almost 50 years ago.

This lavish publication uncovers their origins, examines all their appearances in the series and interviews the key players in their enduring success. Prepare to be upgraded!

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  • This bookazine from Panini Comics launched a new and distinct series of special edition guides to Doctor Who in all mediums and was priced £9.99 (UK) running to 116 pages.
  • Panini asked Tynan to design a new Cyberman. She submitted a design that "reinterpret[ed] Kit Pedler's original brief using 21st century materials and a more generous budget than had been available in the 1960s". It used features that been dropped at the time, such as seeing the actor's face and hair.
  • The contents saw a combination of televised adventure features interspersed with behind the scenes themed articles. Televised adventures were covered by a two-page double page spread each including story feature, Cyber Technology (development of), The Cybermen (the evolution of), Classic Scene and Essential Data (broadcast and credit details).
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