The 3rd episode of Totally Doctor Who's second series premiered on the Thursday after the BBC One debut of Gridlock. It featured Lenora Crichlow and Russell T Davies.

It also hosted the third part of The Infinite Quest.

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Barney Harwood and Kirsten O'Brien seem to be in a car at the motorway of New New York in New Earth. They say that they try to get to the studio, but have problems to drive the car, because the Macra got hold of the car and are attacking. Martha Jones appears on screen and tells them that everyone already knows, that the Tenth Doctor and the Face of Boe have already dealt with that problem. She tells them to stop messing about and get on with Totally Doctor Who. The camera zooms out until the full car is visible. Now the film studio can be seen, as well as some people who are shaking the car around. Then the episode starts and the topics of the episode are introduced.

Interview Russell T Davies Edit

At first Russell T Davies is interviewed by Barney Harwood. He speaks about the Macra and says that these were very old monsters from the 1960s. Furthermore, he describes how a monster is created in Doctor Who. He writes a script and describes the monster in a few words, but it's the job of the design department to properly create the monster. After reading the script they come up with many ideas and send them to Russell T Davies, who tells them what they might change. Russell also draws a Doctor Who monster. Then several children ask questions, which Russell answers. Russell tells that he usually creates the alien, before creating the place that it comes from. His favourite monsters are the Daleks, which he has loved since he was a child. Davies also mentions that the episode Gridlock was the end of the Face of Boe and that he died permanently.

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Not all sounds during a filming scene can be recorded, because the set is noisy. Several sounds, for example the footsteps, have to be added afterwards. The foley artist Julie Ankerson is interviewed and shows how she makes the sound of footsteps.

Then Team Time Lord and Team Tardis have compete against each other in the foley artist challenge. Each team consists of three children. They have to try to be a foley artist for a scene of the episode Gridlock and make the sounds of the TARDIS door, footsteps, Martha doing her jacket up, the foot on a wet floor, the wind outside the car, the Doctor landing on a car, the bubbles in the water lamp, the second jump of the Doctor and his hand on a chair. After making the sounds Julie Ankerson has to decide which team had made the best sound. Team TARDIS has won.

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Lenora Crichlow, who played Cheen in Gridlock is interviewed. She speaks about her character and tells that she plays Cheen, who lives in New New York and has just found out that she is pregnant. She and her boyfriend Milo want to get to the countryside because there is more fresh air and the air is cleaner. She further mentions that Cheen is not mean, even though she kidnapped Martha Jones. She adds that Milo and Cheen are very nice to Martha and just need a third passanger to get to the Fast Lane. Crichlow also says that Macra were terrifying.

Lenora Crichlow later signs a Totally Doctor Who shirt, which can be won by the audience.

She also makes a handprint and signs it. It is put onto the wall. The audience can win the handprint at the end of the series by answering 12 questions (one per episode). Lenora asks following question: "How much money is offered to work in the sewers of New York"?

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Russel T Davies' Doctor Who knowledge is tested. He has to play the game Monstermind against a young Doctor Who fan. In the game Doctor Who knowledge is needed. In 60 seconds as many Doctor Who questions as possible have to be answered. The young Doctor Who fan won.

Next to this a part of The Infinite Quest is shown.

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No episode of Totally Doctor Who has ever been commercially released.

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