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The TARDIS tuner was a device which was used by the Fourth Doctor to make contact with his other incarnations when the TARDIS was under siege by an pandimensional entity. (WC: Doctors Assemble!)

The Doctor of parallel universe had a TARDIS tuner in his TARDIS, which had "mind blowing volume control" and a laser light control switch. Bernice Summerfield used it to connect the Ark of Whispers with the communications of a planet. (AUDIO: Have I Told You Lately?)

Behind the scenes[]


The TARDIS tuner with packaging.

In the real world, the TARDIS tuner was a Doctor Who-themed radio. Released in 1979, it was presented as "the amazing Dr Who radio for all space kids". The TARDIS tuner boasted "mind blowing volume control", a "built in radio receiver, picks up radios 1, 2 & 3", a "laser light control switch", "constant flashing laser lights", a "radio tuner for crystal clear reception", a "time warp bleeper control switch", a "tough moulded matt-black casing" which "stands up to the heaviest landings" and a "sliding door for battery supplies".

A TARDIS tuner toy was featured and discussed in the 2013 documentary DOC: The Celestial Toyroom.

Dr Who and the Turgids[]

The Doctor presents the TARDIS tuner. (NOTVALID: Dr Who and the Turgids)

The TARDIS tuner was offered in the comic story Dr Who and the Turgids, featured in several early issues of Doctor Who Magazine beginning with Issue 2, which saw the Fourth Doctor making use of the device, which he claimed was "exclusive to Time Lords". Revealing the device to Romana within the dungeons of the Turgids, the Doctor used the TARDIS tuner first to induce sleep in a Turgid guard before sending a message to the TARDIS while leaving on the bleep signal to co-ordinate their position.

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Tying back to the DWU[]

Finally, in 2020, the TARDIS tuner was properly introduced to the mainstream, "valid" DWU by the webcast Doctors Assemble!.