The TARDIS rest room was a room in the Doctor's TARDIS. It was a large chamber the size of the TARDIS control room, which was used for recreation and relaxation. It was located on a slightly higher level than the sleeping quarters.

It contained a large bookshelf which included such Earth literature as, the complete works of William Shakespeare, Le Contrat Social, The Republic, and a book by Fontenelle on the possibility of life on other planets. Several items of antique furniture were also present in the room, including a Chippendale chaise-longue and a mahogany table, and an ivory backgammon set. Finally, looking somewhat out-of-place, was the food machine. (PROSE: The Edge of Destruction)

The First Doctor took Barbara Wright and Ian Chesterton to the food machine in the rest room shortly after their arrival on Skaro. (TV: The Daleks)

After leaving Skaro, Susan visited the room again to fetch some water from the food machine, (TV: The Edge of Destruction) however she was surprised to find that it provided the water, despite an LED indicating that it was empty. (PROSE: The Edge of Destruction)

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