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A Type 97 TARDIS was employed by the Celestial Intervention Agency to take the Second Doctor and the Lady Serena on a mission to Napoleonic France to thwart a plan by the Players to dramatically alter Earth history.

The Doctor, fresh on the heels of his trial and sentencing by the Time Lord government (TV: The War Games) had little choice but to accept this new TARDIS in lieu of his confiscated Type 40. When first introduced to the CIA TARDIS, he thought he was getting his own model back, because its exterior was in the shape of a police box. However, once inside, he realised its gleaming, advanced console didn't match the antiquated, worn look of his old console. It was a modernised look for which he didn't particularly care. Because it was so many generations ahead of his own TARDIS, he was obliged to let Serena pilot it. In time he was able to use it thanks to looking over Serena's shoulder. This proved useful since Serena was murdered during the mission.

The Type 97 had a fully functional chameleon circuit and the CIA had supplied it with currency according to the appropriate period of Earth's history where the Players were meddling in, and documentation providing the Doctor and Serena with false identities.

At the conclusion of the events in France, he brought the Type 97 back to the CIA, and asked to exchange it for his old Type 40. The CIA agreed and sent him off to see Professor Dastari (PROSE: World Game) in an adventure where he eventually met his sixth incarnation. (TV: The Two Doctors)

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