A TARDIS was found in the vortex by the Eighth Doctor when tracking the person who destroyed the Voord homeworld. Its outer shell was destroyed by the time winds. Its interior became a Gothic castle with the console being a table and the food machine became a dumb waiter.

Caleera held a grudge with three different Time Lords for the way they treated her, so she recruited them and set up a trap to make it appear as if they had kidnapped her and were experimenting on her. The TARDIS eventually degraded rapidly, allowing in the Time Winds, pushing Stormblood, Sepulchra and Swordfish beyond the limits of their sanity.

After the Doctor, Liv and Helen arrived and freed Caleera, she lowered the TARDIS shields, allowing the Time Lords the death they longed for, sending them falling into the vortex. The TARDIS completely fell apart in the vortex after the Doctor and his companions left after Caleera. (AUDIO: Scenes From Her Life)

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