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Caleera's TARDIS

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Caleera left Gallifrey in a TARDIS of one of the oldest models, taking the Chief Archivist, an Educator and a psychosurgeon with her into the Time Vortex and anchoring it there.

The TARDIS's outer shell was destroyed by the time winds, leaving it looking like a Gothic city hanging in the Vortex. The Chief Archivist, Educator and psychosurgeon - calling themselves Lord Stormblood, Lady Sepulchra and Swordfish - forgot what the TARDIS was and used the console room as a special dining room, with the console as a table and the food machine as a dumbwaiter. Swordfish took prisoners from the cells to Caleera in her neural amplifier, which she used to destroy the planet of the Voord.

The Eighth Doctor traced the TARDIS from the Voord homeworld and landed there with Liv Chenka and Helen Sinclair. After helping Caleera, the TARDIS began to deteriorate and split in half. The Doctor was able to use his own TARDIS to bounce the half with the prisoners on into real space. (AUDIO: Scenes From Her Life)

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