A dying TARDIS was found by the Twelfth Doctor and Hattie Munroe.

History[edit | edit source]

Under unknown circumstances, the TARDIS wound up on 21st century Earth at an antiques fair where Holly purchased it, unaware of its true nature. As the TARDIS continued to leak artron energy, it began to affect of Holly's house, its interior dimensions overwriting the house and attracting the Spyrillites. As the interior continued to leak out, Holly became separated from the family in the shifting geography. Despite the damages, the TARDIS' safety protocols remained online as it guided the family to its control room.

The Doctor's TARDIS detected the energy leakage and brought the Twelfth Doctor and Hattie Munroe to investigate, the two traveling through its hodgepodge of rooms. After meeting Holly, the Doctor realised the TARDIS' true nature, explaining that its interior dimensions would eventually overwhelm Earth. After reuniting Holly with her family, the Doctor found the control room and sent the TARDIS into the heart of a star so it could die peacefully. (COMIC: Playing House)

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