A damaged TARDIS was used by Romana II and Narvin when Director Mantus of the Interior Defence Unit forced them to leave Gallifrey, following their treasonous acts against Lord President Eternal Rassilon. Rather than kill them and make them martyrs, he branded both war criminals and exiled them from Gallifrey. After the TARDIS dematerialised, Mantus shot one of his own men, Commander Vrail, intending to claim Romana had shot him while trying to escape so that she could never return.

The TARDIS was a Type 50 or Type 55 by Narvin's judgement and a reconditioned model, old by the Last Great Time War. Before forcing the pair to leave in the TARDIS, he locked off half the controls and entered a pre-programmed route that sent the ship into the heart of the time war. Romana and Narvin attempted to bypass the navigation circuits in order to regain control and resolved to use the TARDIS to find Leela, who had been lost earlier in the war (AUDIO: Assassins) when the Master cast in her into the Time Vortex. (AUDIO: The Devil You Know)

During their search for Leela in the TARDIS, Romana and Narvin ended up in the Capristan system, where they were pursued by the system's residents. Still struggling to control the TARDIS because of its damage, which included inactive dematerialisation circuits, they landed on the Dreadnought Septima, a Time Lord spacecraft. Because of the fleet of TARDISes on the battle ship, Narvin and Romana thought they could use parts from the unused vessels to repair their own. (AUDIO: Hostiles)

They later landed on the rural planet of Njagilheim while tracking Leela's biodata. On Njagilheim, they were nearly caught in the temporal storms and time loop that was caused by a nearby battle in the Time War and Leela's presence there. They managed to escape in the TARDIS, eventually coming to the planet Unity, where they were successfully reunited with Leela. (AUDIO: Nevernor)

Shortly after Narvin and Romana's reunion with Leela, the TARDIS was stolen by a salvage ship. It eventually ended up in the hands of Jarred McKenzie, who attempted to sell it to the Daleks. Romana and Leela travelled together to Unity City, where they successfully re-took the TARDIS and flew in back to the farm where Leela lived with Rayo and Veega, the latter of whom died before their return. Closely pursued by the Daleks, Romana surrendered herself to them, while Narvin, Rayo, and Leela escaped in the TARDIS. (AUDIO: Unity)

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