System Shock was the eleventh novel in the Virgin Missing Adventures series. It was written by Justin Richards and featured the Fourth Doctor, Sarah Jane Smith and Harry Sullivan. This novel is one of two novels in the series to feature Harry Sullivan, the only other being A Device of Death.

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"We're dicing with death on the information superhighway to hell."

A rebellion on another planet. A kidnapping in central London. The head of MI5 assassinated. A hostage siege suddenly and violently ended by the SAS. A computer CD slipped into the Fourth Doctor's pocket by a dead man...

It's 1998, and the global information superhighway is about to come on line. OffNet controls everything digital from cars to sliding doors, from interactive television to military command and control systems.

The Doctor and Sarah must join forces with an old friend in a race against time: to prevent the breakdown of technological society and foil an unconventional alien takeover bid.

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  • The Doctor claims that 1998 is "not one of [his] favourites."

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  • The Doctor blames the helmic regulators for the TARDIS missing the year that he was aiming for.
  • The Doctor tells Sarah that the TARDIS is too advanced to be able to read a CD ROM.

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