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You may be looking for The Syntax.

Syntax was the first short story in the Short Trips anthology Short Trips: Life Science. It was written by David Bailey. It featured the Eighth Doctor and Izzy Sinclair.


The Doctor and Izzy have landed on the planet Jora. The Doctor tells Izzy how advanced the Jorans are.

As they head for civilisation, Izzy smells something bad that the Doctor cannot smell. She also has a nosebleed. On the way they find a large number of dead grain weevils.

As the smell worsens, Izzy starts to fall under the control of something. A Joran approaches, but speaks in a primitive fashion. He takes the semi-conscious Izzy in his arms, but the Doctor grabs her and heads away from the naked Jorans that are approaching. He heads for the beach.

At the shore, Izzy has recovered. The Doctor remembers that there is a station out on the sea's surface that they can reach via an underwater tunnel. As they make their way through the tunnel, their progress is watched by Deezer, all alone on the station.

At first Deezer is suspicious, but then offers his guests a meal. While he prepares the food in another room, the Doctor sneaks a look at the files on Deezer's control console. He thinks that Deezer has created a biological weapon.

Deezer comes back, holding a gun on the pair. During the meal, he tells them that Joran scientists, in an attempt to control pheromones, created a pheromone language that evolved into sentience and took over the Jorans, taking away their individuality. Deezer has created, not a weapon, but an antibody. The Doctor is appalled, and argues with Deezer.

Deezer leaves the room, forgetting to bring his gun. The Doctor and Izzy argue. She thinks the Syntax is making the Jorans into slaves, but the Doctor thinks they are happy and gets Izzy to admit that she was happy under its influence. They notice Deezer's abandoned gun and take it. They tie up Deezer so that the Doctor can neutralise Deezer's antibody.

When the anitbody is released, it is harmless. The Doctor and Izzy leave, with Izzy still angry, and Deezer lets the Syntax take control of him, joining the rest of his people.




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