Symbiotic nuclei were a part of Time Lord cells that allowed for safe time travel. (TV: The Two Doctors) The nuclei connected a Time Lord's mind to their TARDIS, meaning ships like the Master's TARDIS and the Doctor's TARDIS also possessed symbiotic nuclei. (AUDIO: The Evil One) TARDIS nuclei constantly updated the Matrix about their pilots. (AUDIO: The Brink of Death)

Some symbiotic connections between Time Lords and TARDISes could be stronger than the Time Lord realises; as was the case with the Doctor's first TARDIS, which the Doctor abandoned on Gallifrey. (AUDIO: Prisoners of Fate)

The symbiotic nuclei were sewn as recognition codes into a Time Lord's DNA upon admission at the Time Lord Academy. (PROSE: Interference - Book One) (PROSE: Christmas on a Rational Planet) They also enabled a Time Lord's ability to regenerate. (PROSE: Love and War) It was believed that a Time Lord could only regenerate twelve times because the nuclei could only divide so much. The Valeyard, however, claimed this was imposed by Rassilon to prevent a thirteenth regeneration and keep Time Lords from immortality. (AUDIO: Trial of the Valeyard)

While recovering from regenerative collapse within his TARDIS, the Sixth Doctor used his symbiotic nuclei, combined with the TARDIS' telepathic circuits, to construct a synaptic interface. (AUDIO: Piece of Mind)

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