Syfy, known as the Sci Fi Channel before summer 2009, is an American cable network dedicated to broadcasting original and syndicated science fiction programming. From 2006 to 2008, it broadcast the revived Doctor Who.

Sci Fi Channel's custom version of the Doctor Who logo.

The network, which is affiliated with NBC, was originally offered broadcast rights to the 2005 series, but declined. The reasons given in contemporary news reports and fan forums was the show was considered "too British" and because of quality concerns.[1]

However, Sci Fi changed its mind and announced in January 2006 that it would air the series beginning in March 2006, a full year after the UK and the Canadian CBC network. It subsequently picked up the following seasons and, by 2008, it was broadcasting the series within a couple of weeks of its UK telecast and far ahead of its Canadian counterpart. Also in 2008, Sci Fi aired the first season of the spin-off series The Sarah Jane Adventures. It did not receive US broadcast rights to Torchwood; those went instead to BBC America.

The broadcaster was regularly criticised by fans for its editing of episodes to fit in commercials.

In May 2009 it was announced that Sci Fi/Syfy had lost the first broadcast rights to The Next Doctor and the 2009 specials in the US. They aired on BBC America. [2] BBC America subsequently also obtained first broadcast rights to Series 5 and later seasons. Syfy retains rebroadcast rights to the 2005-2008 seasons; it aired a day-long marathon of these episodes on 30th August 2010.[3]

The network's decision to cancel The Sarah Jane Adventures after one season resulted in Series 2 and later seasons being released to DVD in the US without having first been broadcast there.

In March 2016 the channel started the broadcast of series 9 in Brazil. The broadcast ended in 2017 after series 10.

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