Swordfish was the name used by a psychosurgeon who became one of Caleera's assistants.

Biography[edit | edit source]

The Psychosurgeon was asked by the Time Lord Academy to provide Caleera with treatment to quell her psychic powers, including supplying her with suppressants. Once she was restored to normal, he recommended to the Chief Archivist that she be given a job as an assistant to a junior archivist.

Caleera kidnapped the Psychosurgeon, an Educator and the Chief Archivist after being manipulated by the Eleven and hypnotised them into assisting her in experiments aboard a TARDIS in the Time Vortex. The time winds drove them insane, turning them into Swordfish, Lord Stormblood and Lady Sepulchra.

Taking on the role of servant to Lord Stormblood and Lady Sepulchra, Swordfish was in charge of the prisoners and taking them for Caleera to kill. When Liv Chenka freed the prisoners, they grabbed onto the three helpers who then told her that they served Caleera. Once she was freed by the Eighth Doctor, they begged for their freedom and were exposed to the Vortex, killing them. (AUDIO: Scenes From Her Life)

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