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Sweet Nothings was the third and final audio story in the anthology Class: The Audio Adventures: Volume Three. It featured Dervla Kirwan as Andrea Quill.

Publisher's summary[]

Living on Earth isn't easy when you're used to life as an alien freedom fighter. For Quill, it's a lonely existence – until she meets a Man outside Coal Hill Academy: the Man who can offer her everything she misses from her past... and more.



  • Matteusz mentions his fondness of Spring Watch, mainly its presenter, Chris Packham. He even is disappointed that Charlie didn't use his skills to create anyone like Chris Packham.
  • The Man has a travel capsule, takes Quill to a desert planet, a planet with diamond flies, and a dance club.
  • He uses a matter grenade to destroy a large creature and feed vultures.
  • Miss Quill, after walking in on Charlie and Matteusz having sex, tells them to leave the living room, as she wants to watch Flog It, and saying how she likes it.
  • The Stranger has 8 eyes, 360 degree vision, and mandibles. He belongs to a race that dances before entering hibernation.
  • Charlie created the Man from an "energy reservoir" he found, a thin leakage of tempio-spatial energy that's really more psycho-spatial. He serves as an anchor for it.
  • Quill mentions that domesticity is a kink for some people.


  • This story features the use of a music cue called "Quill-LOCKED". Originally, the piece had been intended for TV: The Coach with the Dragon Tattoo. [1] Coincidentally, the kazoo in the cue is played by Michael Dennis, the writer of this story.[2]


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