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"Susan" was the name most commonly used by the granddaughter of the Doctor, who travelled with their "first" incarnation, becoming his seemingly first companion. At different times in her life she used the surnames Foreman or English and, after her marriage, Campbell. According to some sources, her birth name was not Susan at all, (PROSE: A Brief History of Time Lords) but rather Larn (PROSE: Birth of a Renegade) or Arkytior. (PROSE: Roses)

Many details of Susan's early life were unclear, with numerous sources delivering contradicting accounts. According to most, Susan and the Doctor fled from their home planet — with most accounts agreeing they had lived on the Time Lord homeworld of Gallifrey, although the Eighth Doctor encountered evidence that, in one timeline, they had run from a planet in the 49th century — by stealing a broken Type 40 TARDIS before using their time in exile to explore the universe. Eventually, the pair landed on Earth in 1963, where Susan learned to appreciate 20th century human culture and even enrolled in a local school. However, after two of her teachers (Ian Chesterton and Barbara Wright) discovered her true life onboard the TARDIS, the Doctor set the controls of the ship to take off, effectively kidnapping them.

The four shipmates spent some time traveling in the TARDIS, growing very close. They eventually landed in London during the 2160s, which they found to be occupied by a Dalek invasion force. Susan developed feelings for a freedom fighter named David Campbell, but resisted these emotions as she knew that staying with her grandfather was more important. The Doctor, realising that Susan had become a woman, elected to leave her with David after helping liberate the Earth. As he said goodbye, he promised that he would one day return.

By numerous accounts, the Doctor would indeed return to see her, specifically during their eighth and thirteenth incarnations.



After she left Gallifrey with the First Doctor, records of Susan's true identity were deliberately obscured. (PROSE: A Brief History of Time Lords) A tour operator for temporal tourism, writing in the post-War universe, acknowledged that Susan had been "the most enigmatic of [her] planet's inhabitants" and that she had multiple equally true points of origin at different points in Gallifrey's history. This was an example of how the Doctor's history was in flux. (PROSE: Gallifrey: A Rough Guide)

These origins included her being the Other's granddaughter, (PROSE: Lungbarrow, Gallifrey: A Rough Guide) being the Doctor's biological granddaughter who enjoyed a normal childhood on Gallifrey, (PROSE: The Day of the Doctor, Gallifrey: A Rough Guide) or being the last descendant of Rassilon and unrelated to the Doctor, who would only meet her and take custody of her when she was already seven years old, helping her flee the planet following the Prydonian Academy Revolution. (PROSE: Birth of a Renegade, Gallifrey: A Rough Guide) Susan possibly had the ability to regenerate, thinking to herself after many years on Earth that her "[current] incarnation... [was] wearing a bit thin." (PROSE: Fellow Traveller)

In addition, although Susan definitely remembered growing up on another planet than Earth, (TV: An Unearthly Child, The Sensorites) there were even accounts where the Doctor referred to himself and his granddaughter as "humans". (TV: The Sensorites) A number of other accounts treated the First Doctor as an "Earth-man", (PROSE: Doctor Who and the Daleks, The Equations of Dr Who, etc.) with a Faction Paradox member once suggested to the Eighth Doctor that a human colony in the 49th century had been the Doctor's — and, by extension, his family's — original home until the Enemy began rewriting their timeline. (PROSE: Unnatural History) When Rennis said that she was a Time Lord, she said that that depended on who one asked. (AUDIO: Assets of War)

Many accounts suggested she was born with a different name than "Susan", (PROSE: Frayed, AUDIO: All Hands on Deck, Sphere of Influence) which may have been Larn (PROSE: Birth of a Renegade, A Brief History of Time Lords) or Arkytior, from the Gallifreyan word for "rose". (PROSE: Roses, A Brief History of Time Lords) Her original name was said to be a "great state secret", which Susan did not deny. (AUDIO: The Shoreditch Intervention)

Relationship to the Doctor[]

Susan specifically identified the Doctor as her grandfather, (TV: "An Unearthly Child", "The Escape") recognising him even after he was reborn as the First Doctor. Others also referred to Susan as the Doctor's granddaughter, including Barbara Wright, (TV: "An Unearthly Child", "Hidden Danger") Ian Chesterton, (TV: "The Ambush", "Kidnap") Ping-Cho (TV: "The Wall of Lies") and the First Doctor himself, (TV: "The Brink of Disaster", "The Rescue", Marco Polo, The Sensorites, "Flashpoint") as did the Fifth Doctor, (AUDIO: The Toy) the Eighth Doctor (AUDIO: Relative Dimensions) and the First Elder. (TV: "Hidden Danger") The Eleventh Doctor later recalled coming to the Rings of Akhaten "a long time ago with my granddaughter". (TV: The Rings of Akhaten) One account says she was rescued from the Chancellery Guards by the First Doctor shortly after her natural birth, along with her grandmother, Patience, since only the Loom-born were allowed in Gallifrey. The Doctor told Patience he would take their grandchild "far from this world of vampires and Valeyards". (PROSE: Cold Fusion)

The Curator cited his having had a granddaughter as evidence that the Doctor had not been a virgin, contrary to popular belief — thereby ostensibly confirming a biological relation between the Doctor and the granddaughter in question. (PROSE: The Day of the Doctor) According to The Book of the War, among the aristocratic Loom-born Time Lords, the term of "grandfather" was an antiquated way of addressing the founder of one's Great House. (PROSE: The Book of the War)

However, other accounts cast doubt on their biological relationship. One, related by the Master, described Susan as Lady Larn, a contemporary of the Doctor whom he had rescued from civil strife on Gallifrey. (PROSE: Birth of a Renegade) Another intimated that she was the last womb-born children on Gallifrey before Pythia's curse, and sent away from Gallifrey by the Other — her grandfather — to Tersurus to escape Rassilon. She spent a year wandering the streets selling books, after Rassilon sealed the spaceports, until she met the Doctor, whom she recognised as her grandfather reborn, while he too mutually recognised her. (PROSE: Lungbarrow) Quadrigger Stoyn also doubted the Doctor and Susan's familial relationship, noting that no one on Gallifrey had grandparents anymore. (AUDIO: The Beginning)


Upon seeing a picture of Susan, the Hermit said she took after her mother. (PROSE: The Three Paths) A Brief History of Time Lords reported rumours that she was the daughter of a Lord President. (PROSE: A Brief History of Time Lords)

According to one account, as an infant, Susan lived on Gallifrey with her parents, who owned a concept shop. However, this was only one of her many contradictory and equally-true points of origin across Gallifreyan history. (PROSE: A Rough Guide)

Early life on Gallifrey[]

Though she appeared like a teenager to human eyes, one account stated Susan was older than Ian and Barbara combined. (AUDIO: Here There Be Monsters) The First Doctor told Shivani Bajwa Susan was 73 years old. (PROSE: Doctor Who and the Horror of Coal Hill) However, according to the First Doctor, by the time she was on Maitland's ship with Ian and Barbara, she was a few years younger than the young human Carol Richmond. (TV: "Strangers in Space") Susan herself told Ping-Cho that she was "in [her] sixteenth year". (TV: "The Roof of the World") In Susan's application form for admission to Coal Hill Secondary School (dated June 21, 1963), the First Doctor initially wrote that she was 97 at the time of entry to school. However, he ultimately stroke that out and wrote she was 15. (PROSE: The Time Lord Letters)

Susan briefly lived on Gallifrey with the First Doctor in a small white house in a poor community atop a mountain, who shielded her from his peers in fear of her origins being found out. Susan was considered the Doctor's adoptive granddaughter - rescued from the wolves of a primal time. She would often tell him stories of his future and how they would leave Gallifrey together, and one day, Susan began to enter a trance while telling stories to the Doctor in the Capitol, which alerted some Time Lords, which annoyed the Doctor. Susan ran off in shame, and the Doctor followed her, only to be confronted by Chancellery Guards upon reaching his home. (PROSE: The Longest Story in the World)

According to A Brief History of Time Lords, when the eight-year-old Susan was taken for the selection process in the Drylands to stare into the Untempered Schism, she reacted by running away from what she saw in the Schism. (PROSE: A Brief History of Time Lords)

Susan often visited a garden on Gallifrey. Years later she had a dream about the garden where she was accompanied by Ian. (PROSE: The Mother Road)

Susan once attended a ritual with the Doctor in Arcadia where the Master gave her a toy. The toy was, in reality, a communication node in which the Master intended to use to locate the Doctor if he ever left Gallifrey. (AUDIO: The Toy) Susan remembered him and knew that he was trouble. (AUDIO: The Destination Wars)

Departure from Gallifrey[]

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The Doctor and Susan about to leave Gallifrey. (COMIC: Time & Time Again)

For pressing reasons the Doctor did not explain to her, (AUDIO: The Beginning) the First Doctor and Susan left Gallifrey together when they purloined a faulty TARDIS from the repair shop beneath the Capitol. (TV: The Name of the Doctor, AUDIO: The Beginning)

The Doctor had brought the flying trunk containing the Hand of Omega with him, and Susan had brought basic luggage from her house. Armed guards chased the fugitive Doctor and Susan into the repair shop, where the only place for them to hide was a line of TARDISes. Susan walked into one TARDIS, but the Doctor didn't follow her inside. After Susan heard voices outside, the Doctor urged her to go inside the cylinder next to it instead. (AUDIO: The Beginning) The Doctor was being advised by a version of Clara Oswald to steal the Type 40 with a faulty navigation system instead of the one Susan had walked inside, as it would be much more fun. This account also showed the Doctor already wearing Victorian era dress before he visited Earth. (TV: The Name of the Doctor) The Doctor speculated that the TARDIS was deregistered, and that was how it slipped through Gallifrey's transduction barrier and how they evaded the Time Lords. This account stated the Doctor and Susan already went by these names when they left Gallifrey. (AUDIO: The Beginning)

Their initial trip in the TARDIS was the first time the Doctor had ever piloted a TARDIS. (PROSE: The Exiles, AUDIO: The Beginning) According to one account, the Doctor chose to travel through time, rather than just space. During that first bumpy flight, Susan could not sleep and began to explore the TARDIS interior. She found a mirror in the wardrobe room that reflected the image of a young man. He stepped out of the mirror, bared a pair of fangs at her, told her she was "not the one", and disappeared. The Doctor speculated that she had seen an echo through the vortex of something happening in another time. (PROSE: The Exiles)

According to another account, the Doctor and Susan were thrown onto the TARDIS control panel as the TARDIS was seemingly being torn apart. When the Doctor was able to reach for the button marked "flight stabiliser", Susan collapsed shortly after the engines were stabilised. The Doctor tended to Susan as she slept, and used his jacket as a makeshift pillow for her before she reawakened. Susan then explored the TARDIS as the Doctor tended to the ship's controls. She tripped over a rigger's work case and brought it back to the Doctor when the TARDIS had run out of power. Inside the work case, the Doctor found an artron cell and attached it to the drive system to power an emergency landing. After finding a nearby world, the TARDIS appeared to take over and brought them to the Moon. (AUDIO: The Beginning)

Long after she had stopped travelling with her grandfather, she described herself as "an accidental passenger" and "a hanger-on" in this first journey from Gallifrey. (AUDIO: Here There Be Monsters) Other accounts, however, held that the Doctor had intentionally taken Susan away with him (AUDIO: The Beginning, et. al) to prevent her from being "brainwashed" by the regimentation of standard Time Lord society. (PROSE: Legacy of the Daleks)

Meeting humans[]

According to one account, the Doctor and Susan's first destination was a vivarium beneath the surface of the Moon. Before walking outside, they were confronted by Quadrigger Stoyn, who had become an unwitting passenger and had part of his face burned when the TARDIS took off. Stoyn's job was to take apart the TARDIS' engines before it was sent to be vaporised, but the TARDIS had run out of power, stranding them. The Doctor took the dematerialisation circuit so Stoyn wouldn't leave them behind and they explored the strange location. The Doctor, Susan and Stoyn were taken out of the tank and realised they were in a massive cavern filled with vivariums carefully-preserved specimens. The Archaeons had been seeding primitive planets such as the Earth with life by firing red lightning from the Moon, creating an established order out of the chaos and nurturing the early lifeforms under controlled conditions.

While checking to see if the TARDIS was a threat, the Archaeons began taking it apart. They took the TARDIS' temporal stasis capacitor while it was still attached to the power source. This caused the stasis field to breach, freezing the Doctor, Susan, Stoyn and the Archaeons in time, allowing the TARDIS to recharge itself. 450 million years later, humans had evolved on the Earth until they established a lunar colony, Giant Leap Base. A group of humans from Giant Leap Base broke the stasis field, taking the Doctor and Susan on board their lunar rover, where they came to.

According to one account, the Doctor and Susan learnt about the Earth's history through a "first contact induction video" Susan had been provided while on board the rover. With the dematerialisation circuit still in the Doctor's possession, the Archaeons had sent nematodes, which didn't affect the Time Lords, to kill all of the humans on the rover. When the Archaeons, found the life they had "seeded" had become disorderly and "run rampant", no longer matching their carefully-planned vision, they "purged" the humans on the lunar base and on the Earth with lightning. The Doctor, who was blamed for the disruption of the Archaeons' experiments, was brought back to the cavern. Meanwhile, the humans retaliated against the Archaeons with missiles. After the Doctor went inside the TARDIS, evading the distracted Archaeons, Stoyn tried taking Susan with him, but she refused and ran inside the TARDIS.

With the dematerialisation circuit in place, the Doctor and Susan left without Stoyn, as the Doctor felt that he was just as willing to abandon them. Another barrage of missiles breached the atmosphere of the Archaeons' cavern, destroying their weaponry; the Archaeons were pulled outside, though Susan saw Stoyn struggle to reach the rover. Afterwards, the Doctor continuously watched the video about the Earth's history and evolution inside the TARDIS, marvelling at the planet's abundance. He promised it would be his next destination. Instead, his next stop was a place with a blue sun and air like wine. It took several trips before he reached the Earth again. (AUDIO: The Beginning)

According to another account, the first time "Susan" and her grandfather met humans was on the planet Iwa. They were separated. In his search for Susan, the Doctor found a human medical colony. The principal work of the facility, called "the Refuge", was to rehabilitate patients identified as "Future Deviants". By undergoing dream therapy, it was hoped that such individuals would not become criminals.

The Doctor soon learned the residents were besieged by fox-like aliens who could disintegrate and reconstitute their bodies. Taking him inside their compound, the humans stripped him of his clothes and burned them, citing possible contamination by the "foxes". They gave him new clothes drawn from their own supply. This meant that he was now wearing the garb of a doctor. When they assumed that he was sent by Earth to help them, he agreed. Not wishing to give them his real name, he referenced his new clothes to derive a title: "the Doctor".

He agreed to help them with their "fox problem" if they would help him find his granddaughter. They discovered "Susan" had become trapped in the colonists' "dream chambers", medical devices that put patients into a deep sleep and linked them in one communal dream. Inside the dream chamber, the Doctor's granddaughter met a human colonist named Jill, who promptly gave the young girl the name "Susan", after Jill's own mother.

Eventually, the newly named Doctor and Susan were reunited. They helped the colonists broker an uneasy peace with the foxes. They left the colony, deciding to retain the names they had gained there. The Doctor was deeply impressed by humans during this initial encounter. He told Susan they should find a way to settle amongst them for a while so that he could study them and they could maintain a low profile on the run from the Time Lords. (PROSE: Frayed)

The Doctor and Susan were present in London during the coronation of Elizabeth II on 2 June 1953, where they were pursued by a creature with lasers spewing out of its one eye. They were saved when the creature was subdued by Eva De Ville; unbeknownst to them, Eva had been instructed to clean up extraterrestrial activity as she pursued the Thirteenth Doctor. (COMIC: Where's the Doctor?)

The Doctor and Susan travelled to Quinnis in the fourth universe during a drought. Visiting the marketplace, Susan was interested in a local type of fish before the Doctor was drafted into the role of a rainmaker. As Susan ran back and forth from the TARDIS to gather supplies for atmospheric excitation, she befriended Meedla who told her that Bridgetown was on stilts due to the dangerous ground it was built on before a flood swept away Meedla and the TARDIS. The next morning, Susan discovered Meedla was the Shrazer that Bridgetown feared so much. When Meedla revealed that she'd stolen Susan's TARDIS key, she haggled passage off Quinnis for saving the Doctor from the planet's dangerous weeds. The Doctor however was rescued by Evalihi Parch IV who later killed Meedla. When the two returned to the TARDIS, a disappointed Doctor gave Susan the Blitzen fish that she was interested in but noted that she needed stability in her life. (AUDIO: Quinnis)

The Doctor and Susan in Berlin. (AUDIO: The Alchemists)

At one point Susan had to adventure out of the TARDIS to find medical help for the Doctor when he became ill. When she landed on Rua she discovered that she couldn't find any antibiotics because they had superseded such medicines using nano-technology. She was later chased by a robot, but was, in fact, policeman Kendrick. Because of her expertise in nanotechnology, she helped Kendrick to stop the Butcher but she became upset when Kendrick killed the Butcher. (AUDIO: The Sleeping Blood)

Giving humans a try[]

Sometime after this first meeting with humans, but before taking up residence at 76 Totter's Lane, the Doctor and Susan began to study humans more closely, with the French Revolution in France being their first visit to Earth. (PROSE: Just War)

One of their first trips to Earth was to the British coastal town of Keelmouth in 1933. There, they vacationed at a bed and breakfast called "Bide-a-Wee". Another of its guests was a time traveller named Prentice. He had used his technology to displace Keelmouth in time; the village was in 1933, but the surrounding world was in 1999. The Doctor and Susan had to convince Prentice to reverse the effect, because his retirement fantasy was not fair to the people he had trapped alongside him. (PROSE: Bide-a-Wee)

Susan was saved from drowning in a boating accident by the then-retired Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart near his house. (PROSE: The Gift)

The Doctor and Susan went to ancient Rome, Antioch, and Jerusalem. (PROSE: Byzantium!)

On 16 August 1979, the dematerialisation circuit was fried while the TARDIS was orbiting Earth. The TARDIS was taken on board a Slarvian transport, and the duo learned that the snail-like species planned to conquer Earth by hatching their eggs all over the planet. Their plan failed because the Slarvian ship crashed into the English Channel, making the threat localised to England. With the help of the humans Linda Grainger and her grandfather Edward, Susan and the Doctor stopped the Slarvian eggs from hatching. (PROSE: Childhood Living)

The Eleventh Doctor once recalled having visited the markets of Akhaten with "his granddaughter". (TV: The Rings of Akhaten)

During their travels, she and the Doctor met Noël Coward, (AUDIO: The Sleeping City) visited London during the Blitz in 1941 and Rome during the time of Augustus. (AUDIO: The Alchemists) They also observed a Zeppelin attack during World War I. (TV: Planet of Giants; AUDIO: The Alchemists)

Shortly before they settled on Totter's Lane, they unwittingly travelled to Paris in the 22nd century. They became embroiled in political intrigue in the run-up to an election in the city of Urrozdinee. Departing after the incumbent had been killed, they never quite understood that the city they had visited was what had once been known as EuroDisney. (PROSE: Urrozdinee)

The Doctor and Susan visited Peking during the Boxer Rebellion and used smoke bombs to escape. (AUDIO: The Flames of Cadiz)

They also visited Dido (TV: The Rescue) and sailed around the Caribbean on board a pirate galleon. They witnessed the assassination of U.S. President William McKinley as well and travelled to Cassuragi. (PROSE: Byzantium!)

The Doctor and Susan travelled to Berlin in November 1932 where they went to see Fitz Haber in a scientific institute. Susan found Berlin confusing. The Doctor visited the scientist. She met Pollitt in a local café, but he drugged her. After the Doctor was kidnapped, Susan enlisted the help of the Sturmabteilung to locate them. She was later interrogated by Pollitt, who thought that the Doctor was involved in extracting into gold and wanted to know the secret. (AUDIO: The Alchemists)

On one occasion, they went to central Europe in the 16th century. On the way out of the TARDIS, Susan noticed what looked like a meteorite. She tossed it out, thinking it unimportant, but soon came to realise that it was, in fact, a part of a Liciax ship. When she tried to find what she had carelessly discarded, it was gone. With the help of a man named Lovey, they traced it to Prague, where they found it had been shaped into a golem. It was definitively alive. It was also on a murderous rampage. The Doctor and Susan trapped it in the attic of a Jewish synagogue, placing it under a security system, to which only they knew the access codes. Some 450 years later, the Fourth Doctor and Romana I returned to retrieve the golem, hoping to take it back to the Liciax homeworld. (PROSE: Life from Lifelessness)

At another time, they accidentally landed at the BBC's Paris studios in 1955 because transmissions there had disabled their dematerialisation circuit. They met a radio comedian named Max Wheeler, the star of a programme called Anyway, As I Say. His recordings were plagued by a distinctive background "hum" caused by ghostly aliens known as the Shakers. These aliens could kill people with sonic resonance — the thing manifesting itself as a "hum" on BBC broadcasts. During World War II, the British saw the Shakers as a useful ally. They recruited the Shakers into the French resistance. In 1955, the Shakers were unaware that the war had ended and were unable to clearly understand who their enemies were. Unfortunately, the audiences' laughter during the performance of Anyway As I Say was, because of its precise harmonics, resonating them out of their "homes" in the walls of Broadcasting House, reawakening them to their murderous task. The Doctor and Susan used canned laugh tracks to force the Shakers out of the walls. Though she and her grandfather tried to explain the current reality to them, the Shakers continued to kill indiscriminately. The only course of action was for Susan and the Doctor to alter the harmonics of the canned laughter and kill them with it. (PROSE: Losing the Audience)

According to one account, Susan and the Doctor were safe in the TARDIS control console, with the TARDIS in flight in deep space in what, in Earth-time, was 1963, when a figure whom the First Doctor recognised as the Father of Time materialised inside the TARDIS. Having resolved to test the Doctor, Time forced the TARDIS to take off and land in the far future of a radioactive planet, where Susan and the Doctor briefly met strange creatures before the planet began to be torn apart from the inside. The "Test of Time" was to escape from this apocalypse. The Doctor and Susan took refuge down a Dalek mineshaft, and "rode out the storm" safe at the very heart of Skaro. Satisfied with their quick thinking, the Father of Time transported them back into the TARDIS, which he deposited at 76 Totter's Lane, London in the 1960's, foretelling that they would find "a new life" there. (COMIC: The Test of Time)

According to another account, the Doctor and Susan made a short trip to the planet Tacunda. There, they uncovered a jewel called a "Blessing Star". This crystal altered the laws of probability around the holder, essentially making their dreams come true. The Doctor tried the device, wishing that he could pilot the TARDIS to 20th century Earth. While he was successful, it completely fried the navigational system, stranding the Doctor and Susan in I.M. Foreman's junk yard in Totter's Lane, London. (PROSE: The Rag & Bone Man's Story) Susan and her grandfather took up residence in London so the Doctor could effect repairs. (PROSE: Time and Relative) One account placed the Doctor and Susan's arrival in London before March 1963. (PROSE: Time and Relative) Another had Susan say they came here in June, four months before October. (AUDIO: Hunters of Earth)

Before starting school[]

Susan had a number of adventures before she formally started classes.

The Doctor and Susan got lost at night in the dense fog. They met a girl named Joan Calder who sheltered them at her home, where they met her mother and grandfather. During the visit, the house burst into flames. On the Doctor's instruction, Susan broke a mirror in the house. The elder Calder crumbled into ash and the fire abated. Although the Doctor never was able to adequately explain the event, it was related to the fact that the house had in fact been levelled during the London Blitz two decades earlier. The Doctor postulated that Susan's action likely saved the lives of Joan and her mother. (PROSE: Ash)

Life as a schoolgirl[]

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Susan was enrolled at Coal Hill School (TV: "An Unearthly Child") in Shoreditch. (TV: The Day of the Doctor, AUDIO: Hunters of Earth) One account had her enrolled there by March 1963, (PROSE: Time and Relative) while according to another account, Susan said she had been at Coal Hill since the start of the autumn term. (AUDIO: Hunters of Earth)

Susan took the last name "Foreman" from I.M. Foreman, the name on the gates of the junkyard where the Doctor had hidden his TARDIS. [source needed] She eagerly sampled the cultural fads of British teenagers. She came to love pop groups such as John Smith and the Common Men. (TV: "An Unearthly Child") She had a John Smith and the Common Men album aboard the TARDIS. (AUDIO: 1963: Fanfare for the Common Men)

On her first day of school, Gillian Roberts talked to her, and the pair quickly became good friends. Susan continued her life as an ordinary teenage girl at Coal Hill School. She tried, albeit unsuccessfully, to fit in with her classmates. Even her friend John Brent - who she only connected with through Gillian - often found himself mistrusting Susan for her alien behaviour. (PROSE: Time and Relative)

Susan later befriended a girl called Roberta Sampson, however when it turned out Roberta was a werewolf, the First Doctor told her to leave Susan alone. This action caused Roberta to become angry and transition into her lupine form, prompting the Doctor to shoot her (in the shoulder and thigh) in self-defence, with the silver bullets killing her. The Doctor was put on trial for this crime, but was found "not guilty", largely due to the influence of four of his later incarnations. After the verdict, Susan ran over to hug her grandfather, thankful that he had retained his freedom. (PROSE: The Juror's Story)

She was also interested in beat poetry. This interest led to two adventures with her grandfather, only one of which she remembered. After witnessing a man explode into a protoplasmic mass at a beat poetry reading, she and her grandfather traced the unusual death to a British government project, Operation Proteus. They discovered the project was being run by an alien named Raldonn, who was mutating humans to turn one into his own species so that he would have a co-pilot to help him fly his ship back home. Unfortunately, his efforts relied on a lethal virus that threatened all London. After reversing the effects of the virus, the Doctor and Susan returned to the TARDIS in Totter's Lane, whereupon she was taken and then returned to his side without their knowledge. (COMIC: Operation Proteus)

Susan was taken from her time stream to the year 2082 by the Threshold. They had been hunting time travelling humans to send to their clients, the Lobri, who fed on humanity's base emotions until they could break free of their psychic plane of existence. Because time travellers could survive the journey to the Lobri's "realm", the Threshold had been particularly interested in the Doctor's former companions, like Peri, Sarah Jane, and Ace. Unfortunately, the Threshold didn't realise until after they had captured her that Susan wasn't human, and did not use her as they believed she would be unsuitable. The Lobri's "realm" either rejected or destroyed alien and non-human visitors. Despite this, claiming to be "more human" than he looked, the seventh incarnation of Susan's grandfather went into the dimension to rescue all his companions from the Threshold's sinister scheme. Susan went with him and somehow survived, implying there was more than Gallifreyan genetics in her heritage. The Doctor was only successful in this effort because Ace sacrificed herself by blowing up the Lobri and herself with Nitro-9. Grieving the loss of Ace, the Doctor wiped Sarah and Peri's minds of the event and returned them to their proper times. Susan was returned to the side of her grandfather as they walked back to Totter's Lane after the incident. (COMIC: Ground Zero)

At Rosa's that October, Susan and sixth form student Cedric Chivers heard a DJ on the radio read a message to them from a future incarnation of the Doctor saying "it's blowing in the wind," and "it's all in the beat". The following day, a mob of Coal Hill students and bikers attacked and chased Susan. The following day, while crossing Mayfield Terrace, Cedric was influenced by a German weapon that had been buried in the terrace during World War II that used radio waves to make young people hate and attack anyone who was different to them. He joined a mob led by Mavis but stopped when Susan dropped her transistor radio.

On Monday, Susan bought Cedric a Bob Dylan LP because of the man on the radio. They were chased by street gangs who chanted "aliens out", and Cedric brought Susan to his uncle Colonel Rook's warehouse, where Cedric revealed he was spying on her and told her that the Doctor and Susan could be used to fight a war. The Doctor deduced the workings of the weapon and devised a means of using Susan's radio and other pieces in the warehouse to transmit a blocking signal that negated the effect of the weapon. To buy the Doctor more time, Susan used her psychic powers to slow down the oncoming mob. After his life was saved, Rook decided against coercing the Doctor and Susan to fight in the war and told them that their "secret" would be safe. Afterwards, Susan received a premonition of something coming for the Doctor in his future that he couldn't escape. (AUDIO: Hunters of Earth)

Susan enjoying 1960s British music. (TV: "An Unearthly Child")

This was especially difficult during lessons. There was an obvious imbalance in her knowledge compared with her classmates. She understood advanced physics and chemistry beyond the abilities of her teachers, yet did not know how many shillings made a pound; she thought the United Kingdom was on the decimal system, which only the United States had in 1963 and hadn't yet been introduced to the UK. Her teacher, Ian Chesterton, believed that Susan imparted her knowledge bit by bit to avoid embarrassing her teachers. (TV: "An Unearthly Child")

Susan privately developed "such a crush" on Ian Chesterton. (AUDIO: The Shoreditch Intervention)

During this time, she used the Blessing Star, hoping it would help her fit in. Instead, it made her extraordinarily lucky, which only further emphasised the differences between her and her fellows. In a fit of pique, she buried the Blessing Star in I.M. Foreman's junkyard — an act that would inadvertently help England win the 1966 World Cup. (PROSE: The Rag & Bone Man's Story)

Meeting her step-grandmother[]

When River Song was hired as a history teacher at Coal Hill, Susan was intrigued by her peculiar method of teaching and by the way she talked about historical events as if she had actually lived them. Her curiosity heightened when, one night, she found River patrolling the streets dressed as a policewoman, and witnessed a skirmish she had with an alien entity. Eventually, she figured out that River was another time traveller, but promised to keep her secret, vaguely sensing that River had "an air of family" around her. She offered to help her in her quest, but River turned her down. Susan nonetheless kept an eye on her, and thus she was able to intervene when River had traced the mysterious entity which was possessing one of Susan's classmates, Sheila Page. Susan helped River to cast out the entity and save Sheila. She then offered River the chance to join them, but River refused and the two women said a fond goodbye to each other. (AUDIO: An Unearthly Woman)

Travels with Ian and Barbara[]

Susan pleading with her grandfather to release Ian and Barbara from the TARDIS. (TV: "An Unearthly Child")

Susan's individuality may have been more a problem for her teachers than for her. Susan called her five months on Earth "the happiest of [her] life". When Ian and Barbara followed her home one night to find out more of her mysterious home life, they found the TARDIS. The Doctor kidnapped Ian and Barbara and took a reluctant Susan too, travelling to Earth in the Stone Age. The Doctor was taken by Kal, who had seen him produce fire. The others tried to rescue the Doctor but were taken to the Cave of Skulls. The Old Mother released the Doctor and his companions and they escaped into a nearby forest. Za was injured by an animal when he tried to chase after them. Ian and Barbara took care of Za, but the group were still sent back to the cave. Ian produced fire for the tribe and devised a way of scaring the cavemen by setting the skulls on fire. The group escaped to the TARDIS, which took off again. (TV: An Unearthly Child)

However, one account claimed that Susan was Barbara's pupil and Ian was a scientist in need of work. In this account, after a road accident, Ian and Barbara met and ended up entering the TARDIS. They did not end up in the Stone Age, but the rest of their travels seem to match with other accounts. (PROSE: Doctor Who in an Exciting Adventure with the Daleks)

At some point after Ian and Barbara joined them, Susan looked back on her tragic encounter with the Seventh Doctor, as she believed that the Doctor had begun the long journey to Notting Hill. She wrestled with telling her grandfather about his future, but elected to preserve the timeline by not telling him. (COMIC: Ground Zero)

When the TARDIS landed on Skaro, the Doctor lied about the fluid link needing more mercury, when there was nothing wrong, so he could explore a nearby city. The Daleks imprisoned the Doctor and his companions inside the city, confiscating the fluid link they brought along. Susan helped the Daleks write an agreement for the Thals, but once they arrived, the Daleks ambushed them, killing the Thal leader, Temmosus. Having escaped, they assisted the Thals in their attack on the Dalek city. The Daleks' power supply was damaged in the attack. The Daleks died and their plans to flood the atmosphere with radiation failed. (TV: The Daleks)

With the fluid link retrieved, the Doctor left Skaro for Earth, using the fast return switch. The spring in the switch was damaged, causing it to be stuck. The TARDIS was sent to the beginning of a solar system and everyone was knocked out in the trip. The TARDIS tried warning the crew about the atoms forming around them when they came to, but the Doctor assumed that this was Ian and Barbara's sabotage of the ship. Susan had been affected the worst by what had happened. Once Barbara figured out what was going on, the Doctor fixed the spring, ending the fault. (TV: "The Rescue", The Edge of Destruction)

Still heavily damaged and malfunctioning, the TARDIS found its way to Earth but did not make it to Ian and Barbara's time, instead, landing in the Plain of Pamir in 1289. There, the Doctor and his companions met Marco Polo. Polo took the TARDIS and its keys on his caravan the breadth of Cathay to hand to Kublai Khan as part of a bargain for his return to Venice. During this time, Susan formed a strong friendship with a young girl named Ping-Cho. Along the way, the Mongol warlord Tegana, also part of Polo's caravan, tried to take the TARDIS for Nogai as part of his plan to assassinate Kublai. In the chaos of Tegana and Polo's duel in Peking, the Doctor and his companions escaped in his repaired TARDIS. (TV: Marco Polo)

Arriving inside the tomb of Menkaure in Egypt in 26th century BC, the Doctor, Susan, Ian and Barbara were arrested and taken to the palace. Itennu planned to assassinate Pharaoh Menkaure with a poison dart and then blame the travellers. However, the Doctor inadvertently foiled the attempt with his walking stick and, when a more open attack began, the TARDIS crew fled back to the ship. (COMIC: The Forgotten)

She wanted to help the person she saw in an airlock. She was taken to the Endurance to be examined. She was told by Myla that they were escaped slaves. She told Myla that the Doctor could create a filter for radiation storms so they could go after Arran. She was taken to engineering as it was the safest place on the ship. She was later chased through engineering by the apparently dead Shift. The Shift hunted her as her blood carried a lot of information. She was rescued by Ian. She looked after Benya whilst Toban and Ian repaired the engines. She realised that the interference was Morse code and found the Doctor. He and Susan piloted a small ship to lure Arran back to the Endeavour. (AUDIO: The Age of Endurance)

The Doctor landed on an island on Marinus. Arbitan asked them to search for the keys to the reprogrammed Conscience of Marinus to regain control over the Voord, as all of his other followers and family members failed to retrieve them. Arbitan trapped the TARDIS in a forcefield, preventing the Doctor and his companions' escape.

They used Arbitan's travel dials to reach Morphoton. Barbara released Arbitan's daughter, Sabetha, and the rest of the city from the Morpho's mind control, and retrieved the first key. While Ian and Barbara searched for the second key, Susan and Sabetha were trapped inside a mountain cave. Ian, Barbara and Altos rescued them and found the third key deep inside the caverns guarded by Ice Soldiers.

In Millennius, Ian was framed for murder. The Doctor stood as the defence at Ian's trial, but he was sentenced to death. While Susan was held hostage by Kala, the Doctor learnt from her that one of the conspirators in the murder, the prosecutor Eyesen, was ready to collect one of the keys. Ian was spared execution. The guards captured Eyesen and the last key was found in the mace that killed Eprin.

The Doctor and his companions returned to Arbitan's island, where Arbitan had been murdered. Ian handed the Voord a fake key, which destroyed the Conscience, along with the Voord. They were able to leave in the TARDIS once more. (TV: The Keys of Marinus)

On the planet Malkus, Susan's latent telepathic powers were ignited by the atmosphere of the place. When she was separated by her companions following an accident, she used her new-found abilities to find a prison of maximum security where she supposed the Doctor, Ian and Barbara were held. She released all the gifted (i.e. superpowered) people kept in there; among them there was Virgil Winters aka Weapon E, a man capable of exploding anything by just touching it. With his help, Susan travelled to an abandoned military facility, the same one where Virgil was weaponized, in order to use its system to find her grandfather and his friends. Together, Susan and Virgil destroyed the weapons program of the place, and discovered the true origins of the gifted. It then turned out that the Doctor, Ian and Barbara were never imprisoned, and they had been looking for her; however, Susan and Virgil's travels gave the latter a new-found sense of humanity and hope. (AUDIO: E is for...)

The Doctor and his companions arrived in an Aztec temple in Mexico. They went through a one-way passage that prevented access to the TARDIS. Barbara posed as the Aztec god, Yetaxa, with the others as her servants, to find a way back. For interrupting the first victim's human sacrifice, Susan was sent to a seminary.

Susan was to be punished for denying marriage to the Perfect Victim of the Aztecs' sacrifice and Ian to be executed when he was framed by the High Priest of Sacrifice, Tlotoxl, for attacking the High Priest of Knowledge, Autloc. Autloc's faith in Yetaxa was shattered, and he left for the wilderness. The Doctor, Ian and the Doctor's accidental fiancée, Cameca, distracted Ian and Susan's guard to escape. They worked on a pulley system to open the doorway back to the TARDIS. As they departed, the sacrifice of the Perfect Victim continued as planned. (TV: The Aztecs)

The Doctor landed inside a spaceship in the 28th century, where two crew-members were suspended in a state resembling death and another, John, had had his mind opened and turned insane, following an attack on their minds by the Sensorites. The Sense Sphere, which the ship had been trapped around, had its aqueducts' water supply poisoned with atropine by survivors of a previous human expedition whose ship had been destroyed.

The TARDIS' lock was taken by the Sensorites, leaving the Doctor and his companions trapped on the spaceship. After the Doctor and his companions resisted the Sensorites, the Doctor, Ian and Susan agreed to go down to the Sense-Sphere, where the Doctor worked out the cure for this "disease", which had also afflicted Ian, while the Sensorite scientists treated John. When the Doctor and Ian had gone to the aqueduct to investigate with broken weapons, Susan held a telepathic link with Barbara to help her way through the aqueduct. The Doctor, Ian and Barbara found the human expedition and pretended to be a welcoming party for them and that the "war" against the Sensorites was won. The expedition were taken into custody on Maitland's ship. Maitland's ship was free to leave and the TARDIS crew had regained their lock. (TV: The Sensorites)

When the Doctor thought he had landed the TARDIS on 1960s Earth, Susan was sceptical as Barbara, Ian and herself found 18th century furniture in a nearby building. In fact, they had landed in revolutionary France. She noted that this was one of he grandfather's favourite eras of history. Whilst there she was suspected of being a traitor to the revolution and was sentenced to death. On the way to their execution, Susan and Barbara were rescued. However, in the protection of her rescuers, she became ill and learned how primitive medicine was in revolutionary France. The Physician that treated her reported her as an escaped prisoner. Back at the prison, and the Doctor facilitated her second escape, by impersonating an official. (TV: The Reign of Terror)

When the TARDIS landed on Destination, Susan befriended Reena, the daughter of their hosts and a wanna-be inventor, just like her idol, the "Inventor" who gave Destination the push for its development. Susan was with her when Reena was summoned to meet the Inventor and accompanied her, together with Ian, to the meeting. When she finally met "the Inventor", she recognised him from Gallifrey as the Master. She tried to warn first Ian and then Reena about him, but the Master subdued her and kept her captive, until the arrival of the Doctor and Barbara. When the travellers were all reunited, the Master showed them how he was able to move across time and brought them twelve years into the future, during a war between Reena's people and the Dalmari, the original people of the planet. To force the Doctor to hand over his TARDIS key, he threw Susan and the others into the war zone. Susan managed to reunite with Reena, and together they stopped her mother, Tanna, from bombing the town to stop the Dalmari. She later reunited with the Doctor and was stranded with him when the Master left in the TARDIS. She helped her grandfather to take control of the Master's servers, which he used to stop the fighting and bring the two people to a peace. She then convinced the Doctor to stay on Destination and help them to find an agreement to live together. The Doctor left her in the Master's laboratory with Reena, after setting the controls so that they would travel two years into the future, as he stayed behind and helped the people on Destination. By that time, Ian and Barbara managed to take back control of the TARDIS and bring it back to Destination, so that the travellers were then able to leave. (AUDIO: The Destination Wars)

Arriving in 1888 New York City shortly before the Great White Hurricane, Susan was kidnapped by Patrick Ellis, who took her hostage in order to escape the police. Despite her predicament, she befriended Patrick and helped him hide from the Alley Dogs. The two eventually wound up on the ice, being rescued by the Doctor who'd managed to convince the police and the criminals to work together. Returning to the TARDIS, the two met up with Ian and Barbara. After Susan discussed diseases with Ian and Barbara, the Doctor revealed an idea on how to return Ian and Barbara to their time and place. (AUDIO: The Great White Hurricane)

Via a temporal slingshot, the Doctor tried to return to 1963 only for the TARDIS to end up on Ashtallah. Exploring, the group met the Ashtallans, an immortal race with prodigious healing abilities. After the Ashtallans had mortally injured but quickly healed Barbara, the TARDIS crew explained several concepts to the race, including death, before a plague began killing the Ashtallans. In short order, the group discovered that Sharlan had been injecting their people with a sample of Barbara's blood, hoping to use a shorter lifespan to accelerate their race's development. After the disease was halted, the travellers left the planet, pondering the effect they'd had on the society. (AUDIO: The Invention of Death)

The TARDIS then landed in 19th century Japan, a time where the country was closed to foreigners, finding themselves caught in the midst of Takagi Mamoru's power play. Once the group managed to escape, Susan dived into the swamp where the TARDIS had been dumped and raised it to the surface. (AUDIO: The Barbarians and the Samurai)

At some point during her travels with the Doctor, Ian and Barbara, they visited Bob Dovie at 59A Barnsfield Crescent in Totton, Hampshire on 23 November 1963. (AUDIO: The Light at the End)

When she found out that they had landed in the Library of Alexandria she looked it up in the TARDIS Library and discovered its fate. (AUDIO: The Library of Alexandria)

When in Seville she helped the Doctor impersonate a cardinal to help Ian get out of prison before he was sentenced to death. With Barbara she rescued him from the flames. (AUDIO: The Flames of Cadiz)

During a "night" in the TARDIS, the Doctor and Susan showed Ian and Barbara around the TARDIS before Susan showed her teachers some sketches she'd made of them. (COMIC: In-Between Times)

After Ian had further explored the TARDIS, the group landed on a planet where they found a path of Pathicol skulls that the Doctor suspected was a monument to renewal. (COMIC: The Path of Skulls)

When the TARIDS landed in the city of Tyre, the group earned the favour of Princess Elissa, which earned the ire of King Pygmalion. The group fled on the king's prized ship but the Doctor failed to board in time, causing Susan to sequester herself in the TARDIS, reading books about the period. When the group arrived at the site of the future Carthage, Susan was nearly conscripted into a temple before the Doctor caught up with them, proclaiming that the TARDIS crew were emissaries of the gods. After defeating Pygmalion's invasion fleet, the TARDIS took off again, only to wind up in a hostile region of space-time, crash landing on a temporally unstable planet. (AUDIO: The Phoenicians)

Along with Ian and Barbara, Susan awoke in a hodgepodge of buildings, populated by temporal echoes. After Susan explained the echoes to her teachers, Ian pointed out one that was trying to contact Susan but she refused to believe such a thing was possible. Upon reuniting with the Doctor, despondent over the TARDIS' destruction, Susan met the echo again who warned her that the planet was infected with Xesto. After encountering a future Ian who warned that the group would die, the four travellers met Horl and Katta who took them to see Nocta, who'd survived so long by hiding in a Zero Cabinet in a ruined ship where a Xesto devoured the Doctor. Despondent, Susan was advised by the echo to seek out the remains of the TARDIS. Finding the TARDIS control console, Susan tried to use its power to connect with one of the echoes of the TARDIS but the damaged hardware proved unable to handle the strain. As the Xesto began swarming, Susan was left as the only survivor, running back to the Zero Cabinet only to be barred by the echo who revealed herself to be a future version of Susan. As the two spoke, the Doctor appeared to them both and encouraged them to exploit the Blinovitch Limitation Effect to undo events. Catapulted back to the moment of the crash, Susan suggested rerouting power from the TARDIS force field, being supported by the fading echo of her future self, allowing them to avert the crash. Thrown clear of the planet, Susan expressed hope that they'd wound up somewhere relaxing. (AUDIO: Tick-Tock World)

When the Doctor attempted to make use of the fast return switch to get Ian and Barbara home, the mechanism brought them back to Skaro, fifty cycles after their last visit. Brought to the Thal City, Susan befriended Jyden who convinced her to explore the disused Dalek City. Guiding the Thal through the city, Susan found that the Master Room was still active, drawing power from an underground source. Descending to the city's incubation level, the two found two operating Dalek drones before they encountered the search party that had come for them with Tryana introducing them to the Dalek Supreme who claimed to want peace. Sent back to the Thal City with the larger force, Susan was taken captive by the Daleks when they abandoned the ruse so as to blackmail the Doctor for the secrets of the TARDIS. After Jyden rescued them with a discarded Dalek casing, the Doctor reprogrammed the ionising towers to strike the Daleks, ending the attack before the four TARDIS travellers left Skaro again. (AUDIO: Return to Skaro)

The TARDIS then landed in Ekaterinburg shortly before the Russian Civil War. Susan and Barbara explored together for a while before finding that the ship had vanished. After speaking to Thomas Preston, the British Consul, Susan and Barbara posed as nuns to infiltrate the house of Nicholas II and his family, Susan befriending Anastasia Romanov. Though Susan wished to help Anastasia, the Doctor reminded her of fixed points in time and that they could not intervene. Though initially morose about the experience, Susan soon found hope that the meditation techniques that she'd taught Anastasia might have allowed the once Grand Duchess to escape death. (AUDIO: Last of the Romanovs)

Following the TARDIS suddenly losing power, Susan helped her grandfather force a system reboot that forced the ship to land in a sewer in the human settlement of Urth. Given the humans' xenophobia, the travellers were forced to submit to a genetic scan, the Doctor sabotaging the machine to read Susan as human and escape punishment. Given the genetic drift of humanity however, Susan found herself as the only one of the four who read as human, finding herself in the employ of Sissy Cruciatu and Mummy Martial. Having becoming a carrier for the bubonic plague, Mummy Martial assigned Susan to meet with delegates from another human colony to spread the disease to the rest of the human race. Before she and Brubble Medicius left to meet with the other humans, Susan bargained for the freedom of her friends, and her grandfather's new friend Brooskin. Upon arriving for negotiations, the humans disinfected Susan who led them back to Urth to help the people before the TARDIS set off again. Convinced she heard a buzzing, Susan began digging into the control console. (AUDIO: For the Glory of Urth)

Susan pulled out a Golithan Spiney Back Beetle from the console. Convinced that she had repaired the ship, the Doctor made another attempt to return Ian and Barbara to their time only to wind up in 1601. When the four sought to see a play by William Shakespeare, they found the Globe Theatre shuttered and a volatile political climate. Rescued by Judith Shakespeare, the four were brought to Shakespeare's home. Bonding with Judith's frustrations of not being taken seriously by an elder, Susan found herself drawn into her new friend's involvement with Lady Penelope Rich's plot to dethrone Elizabeth I. After this had resulted in Shakespeare's arrest, Susan and the Doctor attempted to free him only for the Doctor to be arrested upon identifying himself. Left alone, Susan was found by Queen Elizabeth, who was posing as a commoner, who brought a quick end to the conflict. When the time came to leave, Susan, Barbara and Ian expressed a desire to stay and see a play before an outside source activated the TARDIS and sent it flying away from England. (AUDIO: The Hollow Crown)

They later landed in a flotilla of ships on the planet Hydra where they were captured by Amyra Kaan and Pan Vexel for being stowaways. She was interested in the plight of the Hydran's when she heard how they were invaded by the Voord. When the Fortitude sank she spent the following weeks grieving for her Grandfather and Barbara's deaths, as well as talking to the captured Voord Nebrin. When Ian and Susan found the TARDIS, Ian forced her to pilot it to take it away from the Voord. Tarlak wished to know how she knew of Yartek and the Marinus mission. When Tarlek found out that the Doctor wished to stop his invasion, he commanded for Susan to be converted into a Voord to stop the Doctor in his plans. (AUDIO: Domain of the Voord)

When the TARDIS landed on the doomed planet Sarath, Susan was taken to hospital after she was injured in a building collapse. When she entered a healing coma, Susan was replaced by an android duplicate as part of a plan by the city's supervising A.I., Monitor, to ensure his own survival, but the original Susan recovered in time to escape incineration. After the truth about the Android and Monitor's plan was revealed, the android's connection to Susan allowed her to resist and disrupt Monitor's control, allowing him to be destroyed. With the last few survivors of the planet needing a controlling computer to take the last ship to Mirath, the android volunteered to take on the role, despite knowing that the society on Mirath would be unable to sustain her. (PROSE: City at World's End)

The Doctor later managed to return the group to 20th century Earth but a malfunction with the TARDIS doors caused them all to shrink. The four discovered the DN6 pesticide, a substance so potent it killed all forms of animal life. Using their small size to their advantage, the group managed to discreetly alert the British government to the dangers of DN6 before restoring themselves to normal size. (TV: Planet of Giants)

The group's next destination was in 22nd century London. When Susan climbed to higher ground, she tripped and twisted her ankle as well as causing debris to bar them from the TARDIS. Exploring with Barbara, Susan was drafted by David Campbell into the human resistance against the Dalek invasion. After a failed attempt to assault the Dalek Earthforce's saucer, Susan conversed with David, a discussion which led to her reflecting that she had no planet to call home before the two reunited with the Doctor. At David's suggestion, the group headed north, Susan bonding with David during the journey. Upon arriving at Bedfordshire, the group discovered that the Daleks intended to turn Earth into a warship. After the Doctor had caused a volcanic eruption that destroyed the Daleks, Susan realised that she had fallen in love with David but still felt the need to stay with her grandfather. The Doctor realised Susan would never leave him of her own free will and subsequently forced her hand, locking her out of the TARDIS, bidding her farewell and saying that one day he would return. Until then, she finally had a place and a home where she could belong. (TV: The Dalek Invasion of Earth)

Ian came to believe that locking Susan out of the TARDIS was the bravest thing that he ever saw the Doctor do. (AUDIO: The Revenants)

Settling on Earth[]

David and Susan after the occupation. (AUDIO: After the Daleks)

Immediately after the end of the Dalek Invasion, Susan helped David and Jenny Chaplin track down the surviving Robomen, in the hope of finding a cure for their condition. As they did so, they found out about the existence of a creature living under an hospital, and a surviving Dalek ship containing various vials of an orange liquid, secreted by the creature. When Marcus Bray proposed himself as new leader of humanity, Susan was convinced by David to run for the leadership herself, and showed real skills of politician in doing so. Bray, unfortunately, was able to put her into prison and exclude her from the election on the ground of her being an alien. (AUDIO: After the Daleks) According to other accounts, Susan's non-human nature remained a tightly-kept secret throughout her life with David. (PROSE: Legacy of the Daleks)

Susan escaped using the orange liquid, and wandered through the tunnels under the hospital, when she came across Victor, Jenny's brother, cured from his condition as a Roboman by touching the liquid. Reunited with David at the Dalek ship, Susan used more liquid to further Victor's healing process and restore his memory, thus finding out that Bray collaborated with the Daleks during the invasion. Susan confronted Bray and revealed his treachery to the public, ruining his election, and then foiled his attempt to call the Daleks and cause another invasion. David asked her whether she wanted to leave Earth using the Dalek ship, but she refused and destroyed it, choosing to remain on Earth. (AUDIO: After the Daleks)

Rebuilding the Earth[]

After marrying David, Susan contributed to the rebuilding of the Earth. (PROSE: Legacy of the Daleks, AUDIO: An Earthly Child) Thirty years later, she was a member of Earth Council. (AUDIO: An Earthly Child)

One account suggested that she never told her husband that she was not human. (AUDIO: Here There Be Monsters) However, others contradicted this. (PROSE: Legacy of the Daleks, AUDIO: An Earthly Child)

According to one account, Susan and David adopted three war orphans and named them Ian, Barbara and David Campbell Junior, as Susan was not able to conceive with David. Susan worked as a peace officer who kept people from meddling with Dalek artefacts, such as Dalek bases and constructions left sealed after the Daleks' destruction. However, the years she spent on Earth caused problems for her; she did not age as fast as humans and was forced to disguise herself to look thirty years older. (PROSE: Legacy of the Daleks)

Further contact with Gallifrey[]

An older Susan. (TV: The Five Doctors)

"Many years" after being left on Earth, Susan, now married to David and a mother of three, was walking through the "gleaming" reconstructed London one morning (PROSE: The Five Doctors) when she was captured using the Time Scoop by Borusa so that she could be reunited with the First Doctor in the Death Zone on Gallifrey and assist him in the Game of Rassilon. She met her grandfather in his fifth incarnation (and, briefly, his second and third incarnations), along with Tegan Jovanka and Vislor Turlough, and briefly met Sarah Jane Smith and the Brigadier. (TV: The Five Doctors) After the adventure, she accompanied the First Doctor back into his TARDIS. (TV: The Five Doctors, PROSE: The Five Doctors)

At an unknown point, an adult Susan took her Grandfather's TARDIS on a trip herself, but the London she landed in was, unbeknownst to her, London at the height of the Dalek occupation. Chased back to the TARDIS by a Red Dalek and a Silver Dalek, she escaped, but the Daleks sent a Blue Chrono-Dalek after her; she materialised in a new time zone where the TARDIS was glimpsed by a boy, whom she invited inside, but the Blue Chrono-Dalek soon pursued them. (TV: Susan and the Daleks) Having survived, Susan was eventually returned to the correct point in her time-stream. (PROSE: Legacy of the Daleks, HOMEVID: An Earthly Child)

While living on Earth, Susan was contacted by the Celestial Intervention Agency, and agreed to become one of their informants. (PROSE: CIA File Extracts)

Further contacts with the Doctor[]

A conflicting account held that Susan was able to have a child with David. Her son, Alex Campbell, had only one heart. (AUDIO: An Earthly Child) She sent the Doctor a hypercube after his birth to tell him of what she had achieved with her life. (PROSE: Ghost of Christmas Past) After David's death, Susan became one of the leaders of the Earth Council to help with the planet's recovery. She contacted the Guldreasi, a seemingly peaceful race that wanted to help Earth. About this time she met with her grandfather in his eighth incarnation and helped stop the Guldreasi enslaving the human race. During this time, Susan asked the Doctor if Alex could be educated on Gallifrey; the Doctor expressed doubts about David's acceptance when told that Alex had only one heart. (AUDIO: An Earthly Child)

Six months later, Susan had Christmas dinner with the Eighth Doctor and Lucie Miller in the TARDIS. She was unhappy when the TARDIS suddenly dematerialised and to find the Doctor was planning on having Alex travel with him. The Doctor was able to return them to the right place and Alex then departed on a tour with Lucie. (AUDIO: Relative Dimensions)

During the tour a plague spread over the Earth, infecting Lucie, though Susan and Alex's Gallifreyan heritage made them resistant. Susan was able to use her influence to get Alex and Lucie from Thailand to England. Soon after this, the Second Dalek Invasion of Earth occurred. Lucie sent a message to the Doctor when she was infected before the Invasion, but he failed to come until two years afterwards. Susan kept her TARDIS Key, thinking she could detect the TARDIS with it. After a failed attack on Dalek operations in North America, she realised the TARDIS had arrived. The Doctor was in a Dalek Saucer when it was hit by torpedoes and found unconscious, however Susan realised he could be revived inside the TARDIS and found her way there. She was able to fly a Dalek Saucer to America with a bomb, Alex and Lucie, hoping to stop the Invasion. However, Alex was killed by the Daleks after which Lucie Miller destroyed the Daleks by detonating the bomb, at the cost of her life. Susan and the Doctor were saved by the Monk, but the Doctor, upset at the deaths, left, leaving Susan to deal with her son's death alone. (AUDIO: Lucie Miller / To the Death)

The Last Great Time War[]

Susan and Ian during the Last Great Time War. (AUDIO: Susan's War)

After the second Dalek invasion, Susan moved into Coal Hill School, which had been left abandoned and converted into flats. She had been sent several urgent hypercubes from Gallifrey, asking for her to join the Last Great Time War. The Eighth Doctor tried to remove most of the hypercubes, creating a number of distractions for Susan while he did so. Susan was able to work out his distractions and worked out what was happening. She locked him out of her flat, read the message and decided to join the fight, believing that she could help the Time Lords defeat the Daleks. Susan travelled to the front lines in a TARDIS sent to pick her up. (AUDIO: All Hands on Deck)

The TARDIS was quickly attacked and breached by a Dalek force. Susan and Veklin retreated to the ship's secondary control room and ejected it to escape and return to Gallifrey. When Cardinal Rasmus informed the two of the Daleks having seized control of the TARDIS, using it to drain the Eye of Harmony, Susan suggested employing the telepathic talents of the Sensorites. Reunited with Ian Chesterton, Susan was sent to the Sense Sphere to negotiate with the aliens only to be assaulted by feelings of anger. As paranoia continued to mount among the Sensorites, Susan and Ian fled into the Interior where they found the cause to be a Dalek-Sensorite parasite. Using her own telepathy, Susan defeated it, convincing the Sensorites to lend their aid to the Time Lords. (AUDIO: Sphere of Influence)

Along with Veklin, Susan was dispatched to Florana to discover the Dalek agent who had planted the parasite in the Interior only to be attacked by a forced of "Robogrons", Robomen enhanced Ogrons. When Faith was taken captive by the Ogrons, Susan shot her with a stun blast, bringing the Ogrons after them. After having eluded their pursuers, Susan and Veklin found that "Faith" was a Brancheerian who had been pressed into the Daleks' service. Returning to Gallifrey, Susan delivered the Brancheerian to the Time Lords while trying to convince her to turn against the Daleks. (AUDIO: The Uncertain Shore)

After the Brancheerian had revealed what she knew of the Dalek plans, Rasmus then brought Susan and Veklin to Oreseia to inspect a new line of weapons. Arriving, Susan met with Rennis where she found that the new weapons were specially bred Orrovix. Escorted by Rennis, Susan examined the creatures, finding them to be full of rage but also trusting. Before she could probe deeper, she was called back by Veklin where she claimed that the Orrovix should not be deployed. As she argued with Vibax, the Orrovix broke free before she discovered that Rennis, a Time Lord hating Gallifreyan, had turned the creatures against the Time Lords. Using her telepathy, Susan tamed the Orrovix before the Time Lords caught up with and arrested Rennis. Though continuing to oppose the program and petitioning for the Orrovix's freedom, Susan was able to convince the Time Lords to exile Rennis to Njagilheim. (AUDIO: Assets of War)

Susan's TARDIS was later dragged off-course by a Dalek duplicate of Lehena who duped her into travelling back to 1963 to retrieve the Hand of Omega. Though unsure where the Hand was, Susan used a Time Ring to return to Shoreditch, unaware of a Dalek force following her. Befriending a local girl named Alex, Susan traced her grandfather's footsteps to a pawn shop and found the Eighth Doctor waiting for her, having been summoned by a space-time telegram that Susan had yet to send. She discovered that JP was under Dalek control but the Doctor managed to free him, They then went back to the Doctor's TARDIS, lest the Renegade Daleks find them. Before the two could leave 1963, Theodore caught up with them to inform them of Robomen, under the control of the Renegade Daleks, having kidnapped Alex with Susan bluffing them into releasing Alex only to be taken prisoner herself. The Doctor surrendered himself to the Time War Daleks to free Susan. When the Doctor was to turn over the Hand of Omega to the Daleks, he sent Susan back to the TARDIS and revealed that the Hand was a fake and that he'd masterminded events to hide the genuine Hand. Locking Susan in the TARDIS, the Doctor was shot by a Dalek execution unit but managed to use the energy weapons to recharge the Time Ring and teleport back to the TARDIS. Still committed to the war effort, the Doctor returned Susan to Kasterborous before she teleported back to Gallifrey. After being informed that Rassilon himself was now taking an interest in her, Susan reflected that Gallifrey had to win the war but also not lose itself on the way. (AUDIO: The Shoreditch Intervention)

Leaving Earth[]

According to another account, in 2199, Susan had not yet met the Eighth Doctor when she encountered the Master whilst investigating activity in a Dalek Artefact. Captured by him to use as a hostage against the Doctor, she hid from him that she was a relation of the Doctor and member of both Renegades' own species, instead claiming she was simply a former human companion of his.

During a brief four-way confrontation between David, Susan, the Doctor and the Master, Susan saw David sacrifice himself to save the Doctor from a shot by the Master. Her spirits momentarily crushed, Susan let herself be taken by the Master into his TARDIS as he made his escape to the planet Tersurus. However, waking from her torpor, she revealed to him that she was also a Time Lord, startling the Master, and then used her own psychic abilities combined with the TARDIS's telepathic circuits to attack the Master's mind with a destructive mental attack that chipped away at the Master's mind, leaving him half-mad with only force of will and hatred to drive him.

Although she planned to simply strand the mentally-damaged Renegade stranded on Tersurus, he refused to give up the matter transmuter he'd stolen from the Daleks, forcing her to shoot it with the Master's own TCE while he was still holding the transmuter. The blast severely damaged the Master in a way which Susan knew would prevent him from regenerating even if he still had any regenerations left; consequently believing him dead, she left in his TARDIS, setting the controls to a random location. With nothing left to hold her down on Earth, she once again became a wandering exile, much like she and the Doctor had been when she'd first travelled with him. She had no intention of letting the Time Lords know where she was, let alone returning to Gallifrey, as she assumed that the "very good reasons" which had led her and her grandfather to make their escape all those years ago had likely not changed since then. (PROSE: Legacy of the Daleks)

Meeting the Thirteenth Doctor[]

According to a third account, David died young of a strain of virus, which Susan blamed on the Daleks. A widow, Susan wandered the ruined Earth alone. 50 years after the Dalek invasion, she decided to head for Bedford after hearing of a pyre of Daleks. She met a traveller on her way and they rested together in a house. She suspected there was more to the traveller when she made her breakfast and the traveller showed her a dead Dalek shell she’d found, which she invited Susan to hit to let some of her anger out. Afterwards Susan realised the traveller was the Doctor. (PROSE: Fellow Traveller)


While the Ninth Doctor twice implied that his "whole family" had died, (TV: Father's Day, The Empty Child) the Tenth Doctor once said that he was unsure if she was alive, as he simply had not checked, only to then say he was certain she was gone and that he was the last of his people. (COMIC: The Forgotten) The Eleventh Doctor reaffirmed this and said that Susan was "lost", and that he hadn't looked for her. (COMIC: Dead Man's Hand) After the revelation of Gallifrey's survival at the end of the Last Great Time War, (TV: The Day of the Doctor) Clara Oswald, while masquerading as the Doctor, stated that all of his children and grandchildren were assumed dead. (TV: Death in Heaven) The Thirteenth Doctor would later tell her soon to be companions that all of her family had died. (TV: The Woman Who Fell to Earth)

Undated events[]

At some point, Susan was taken to the Black Archive by UNIT to have her record as a companion of the Doctor taken. Her memories of the visit were subsequently erased and she was sent on her way. (TV: The Day of the Doctor)

The Doctor allowed Susan to borrow the TARDIS for a trip to Venus, but she instead landed on Skaro, where she had an encounter with the Daleks. (COMIC: The Message of Mystery)

Prior to their adventures with Ian and Barbara, the Doctor and Susan had met Hieronymus Bosch. While her grandfather considered the artist to be a "lovely fellow", Susan found him to be "a bit of grump". (AUDIO: Tick-Tock World)

Alternate timelines[]

In a timeline where the Doctor never left Gallifrey and became a reclusive writer, Susan had a family and grandchildren of her own before she rose to become President of Gallifrey. After her attempts to visit her grandfather helped him break free of Quences' influence, Susan encouraged him to leave Gallifrey and travel while she assumed her position as President. However, unwilling to travel alone, the Doctor used his Probability Generator to create a duplicate of Susan who did travel with him. When the generator eventually began to break down, the Susan it had created ceased to exist. The original Susan eventually caught up with the Doctor and her "counterpart" when the Doctor's attempts to help history created a timeline where Earth would be destroyed in the Elizabethan era, but after Susan's counterpart convinced her to help, she was able to arrange for the attackers to be drawn away from Earth while she began to travel with the Doctor herself, her duplicate given a final energy boost before returning to Gallifrey to tie up loose ends before she ceased to exist. (AUDIO: Auld Mortality, A Storm of Angels)

When Rassilon joined forces with the Cyberiad, the latter began re-writing history and undo their losses at the Doctor's hands. On the 23 November 1963, Susan, fearing that someone was following her, ran into the scrapyard that hid the TARDIS only to find her grandfather, who told her to run, surrounded by CyberMondans. This timeline was later undone when a remorseful Rassilon joined forces with the Twelfth Doctor. (COMIC: Prologue: The First Doctor)


The Seventh Doctor chanted Susan's name, amongst those of other companions, when under attack by the Haemovores. (TV: The Curse of Fenric)

The name "Foreman. S." was recorded on the Roll of Honours Board, which listed both dead and missing staff and students, at the renovated Coal Hill Academy. (TV: For Tonight We Might Die)

The Doctor kept a portrait of Susan in his cottage. (COMIC: A Matter of Life and Death)

Ace wore Susan's Coal Hill High School uniform as a joke for The Seventh Doctor. The Doctor didn't find it funny. (PROSE: Nightshade) He later told Ace that he thought about Susan every day. (AUDIO: Nightshade)

When the Celestial Toymaker sought the TARDIS, he lured the Twelfth Doctor back to the Celestial Toyroom with a toy of Susan. (COMIC: Relative Dimensions)

The Twelfth Doctor's photograph of Susan. TV: The Pilot

The Twelfth Doctor kept a framed photograph of Susan on his desk in his office during the years he spent as a lecturer at St Luke's University, along with a picture of his late wife River Song. (TV: The Pilot)

The Thirteenth Doctor discovered a message that Susan had left in the TARDIS. (PROSE: Press Play)

Even after the Last Great Time War, Susan was considered one of the Time Lords' greatest and most enduring mysteries, a Time Lord historian being unable to confirm or deny many of the rumours about it. The author even speculated that the conspicuous lack of discussion about Susan at the Doctor's Malfeasance Tribunal was proof that even the court authorities knew nothing of her. (PROSE: A Brief History of Time Lords)


Susan loved her grandfather, as he did her. She was fond of 20th century England, so she enrolled in school there. Despite the Doctor's warnings, she still endangered their secrets. Susan understood contemporary technology and was familiar with historical events, but knew very little about ordinary things, like money. Despite these gaps, however, she was still very intelligent, to the extent that teacher Ian suspected she was not only smarter than him but holding back on her knowledge so that her teachers didn't feel stupid. (TV: An Unearthly Child)

Susan considered the Doctor to be a "great man". (AUDIO: Domain of the Voord) The Doctor once commented that Susan was "very precious" to him. (AUDIO: Masters of Earth)

Her sheltered life on Gallifrey resulted in her being quick to show fear, either by screaming or calling for her grandfather. She quickly befriended Ian and Barbara but did not accept their claims the Doctor had intentionally damaged his own TARDIS. (TV: The Daleks) She also did not overcome her fears easily, being terrified of the Master, (AUDIO: The Destination Wars) and the Daleks when she reunited with them. (AUDIO: Return to Skaro)

She also seemed to have a sense of humour, having mentioned a liking of memes when visiting the Library of Alexandria, (AUDIO: The Library of Alexandria) which could take a turn to the morbid side, as seen with her excitement regarding using burning skulls to chase some cavemen off. (TV: An Unearthly Child)

When the fast return switch was stuck, it was Susan who suffered the worst from its effects, possibly due to her having the highest level of psychic sensitivity. She very nearly killed Barbara and Ian. At first, she sided with her grandfather, blaming the teachers for the problems. However, she soon recognised their innocence. (TV: The Edge of Destruction)

On Marinus, Susan travelled ahead of the others and was frightened by the jungle and the screams that emanated from it. Despite her earlier truthfulness, the others did not take this seriously. (TV: The Keys of Marinus)

Compared to her grandfather, Susan had a much more altruistic mindset, being able to sympathise with Quadrigger Stoyn despite what he'd done to them, (AUDIO: The Beginning) and believing that Ian and Barbara could be trusted not to speak of the TARDIS. (TV: An Unearthly Child) She was however not above manipulating her grandfather to try and force him into doing the right thing, (AUDIO: The Destination Wars) or calling out his rudeness. (AUDIO: The Invention of Death)

As Susan grew older, she began to develop an inquiring mind similar to her grandfather's, sharing his penchant for solving mysteries. (AUDIO: Return to Skaro) She also started to resent being treated like a child and having her suggestions ignored. A future, and rather bitter, version of Susan that had been trapped on Tick-Tock World noted that she was capable of more than most gave her credit for, being insulted at the Doctor's belief that her younger self couldn't survive without him. (AUDIO: Tick-Tock World) Despite maturing, she still enjoyed younger company of a more similar age to her. (AUDIO: The Destination Wars, Return to Skaro, The Hollow Crown)

On 22nd century Earth, Susan developed a relationship with David Campbell. The Doctor recognised this and decided it was best to leave her behind so that she could live a normal life. Susan was reluctant, but the Doctor seemed to convince her it was for the best. (TV: The Dalek Invasion of Earth) She had a son Alex whom she loved dearly. (AUDIO: An Earthly Child etc.)

During the Last Great Time War, Susan began thinking far less of her grandfather than she had in her youth, looking down on his refusal to fight while she herself was quick to return to Gallifrey and aid their people, though she seemed to acknowledge that part of this was her grief over Alex's death. (AUDIO: Sphere of Influence, The Shoreditch Intervention)

A pet peeve of Susan's was people butchering her name's pronunciation, particularly being called "Suzanne". (AUDIO: Return to Skaro, Sphere of Influence)


At sixteen years old, Susan was tall for humans her age, (PROSE: Doctor Who and an Unearthly Child) with closely-cropped, dark hair (PROSE: The Sensorites) framing a pale and round (PROSE: The Reign of Terror) elfin face (PROSE: Doctor Who and an Unearthly Child) of almost Asiatic prettiness (PROSE: The Sensorites) with finely-boned cheeks. (PROSE: The Edge of Destruction) She had dark, almond eyes that belied an intelligence far beyond her years (PROSE: The Sensorites) and looked very much like an ordinary student. (PROSE: Doctor Who and an Unearthly Child) She had an infectious smile. (PROSE: Doctor Who and the Keys of Marinus)

Behind the scenes[]


In reality, this character was originally to have been a princess saved from a planet which wasn't the same world as the Doctor came from.[1] Thereafter, she was envisioned as a fugitive from the Doctor's home planet. It was Anthony Coburn who altered the character so that Susan became the Doctor's granddaughter, instead of being a biologically unrelated female teenager travelling with an old man. (The Tribe of Gum (script), "Doctor Who – The Beginning")

No televised episode has ever explored Susan's origins. The unbroadcast pilot episode features a line of dialogue in which Susan states she is from the 49th century. However, the final televised version, broadcast as the first episode of An Unearthly Child, contains no such reference.

The contradicting stories regarding Susan's origins predate the BBC Wales version of Doctor Who. The 2005 version establishes the fact that the Doctor had a family on Gallifrey and intimates, though never explicitly states, that Susan was in all likelihood his biological granddaughter. As of February 2018, there has never been an indication given in any TV episode to suggest otherwise.


Susan's name would have originally been "Suzanne", while she was being conceived as an alien princess. [1]

Other names considered were Biddy, Mandy, Sue, Gay, Jill, Janet and Jane.[source needed]

According to the Brief Encounter story Roses, Susan's real name is the Gallifreyan word for "Rose". This allows a subtle connection between the first companions of the 1963 and 2005 versions of Doctor Who.

David Whitaker chose to change the character's name to Susan English for his novelisations, though it's unclear why he did so. The later unofficial novel Campaign reinstated this use in tribute, but all other novelisations and original novels have used the Susan Foreman name.

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