Surprise Surprise! special was a small skit that featured between interviews on Surprise Surprise!.

It featured the licensed appearance of Jon Pertwee as the Third Doctor. Not only was this the final ever appearance of Pertwee as the Doctor but it was also the final appearance of Pertwee on television.

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The Third Doctor is back... for Surprise Surprise!.

He finds a new friend to briefly travel with... all in the name of charity.

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Pertwee returns as the Doctor in SS

"I am the Doctor!"

The Third Doctor walks slowly down the corridor, he then walks through the doors and declares to everyone "I am the Doctor!".

The Doctor then begins to have talks with the family that were sitting near by.

He begins asking them many a questions to which they respond.

He later asks the boy of the family if he wanted to have one trip in his TARDIS. The boy accepts the invitation gladly. They both start to wander to the TARDIS. Eventually they approach it and get in it together.

Only to then materialise back in the original studio, to the audience it was minutes, to them... who knows.

They then begin materialising back into the studio, the place they originally met.

They both decide to peep their heads out the TARDIS door very slowly to check it was safe to go out.

After dropping the boy off to his family, the Doctor then returns to his correct place in time and space... once again.

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  • This special marked the final ever appearance of Jon Pertwee as the Third Doctor and the final ever appearance of Pertwee on television.

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