A Black Dalek known as a Supreme Controller directed the Dalek Earthforce and the Bedfordshire operation nearing the end of the 22nd century occupation of Earth. The Supreme Controller, was on board the Dalek flying saucer; saucer alpha-major, along with the Dalek Saucer Commander. It had a terrifying pet called the Slyther which it used to let roam free around the mines at night, killing those it found. The Supreme Controller was killed when the Dalek bomb detonated as Ian Chesterton had sabotaged the bomb. The Supreme Controller's voice was considerably higher than those of the other Daleks. (TV: The Dalek Invasion of Earth; PROSE: Doctor Who and the Dalek Invasion of Earth)

History Edit

The Supreme Commander, was most likely in command of the attacking force on Earth, and oversaw the construction of Bedfordshire, into a gigantic mining area. The Supreme Controller had also seen the making, and selection of his robomen slaves, and slave workers.

The Dalek Invasion of Earth Edit

During one of the daily saucer landings to collect more slave workers, and new robomen. Among the prisoners taken was the Doctor, Ian Chesterton, and Larry Madison, a intelligence test by the saucer commander had the doctor convert into a roboman. However that night an attack by the Human resistance was carried out, and the prisoners escaped. After a group of the rebels killed one of the daleks, the supreme controller exterminated any humans he saw. After the attack had been defeated, the supreme controller ordered that all humans involved in the attack to be destroyed, however he was unaware the Ian was hiding under the shafts directly under him.

When the saucer had a sufficient number of prisoners taken for slave work, the supreme controller had the robomen have fire bombs placed around the city. As the saucer, left for Bedforshire, a can stolen from the musem, had gone on to escape London, attacking patrol 5, the Supreme Controller has an immediate attack on the van, and destroys only just failing to kill the rebel passengers. After landing in Bedfordshire, the supreme controller was the first to depart, and arrive in the control room to observe the final stages of the operation.

When Susan Foreman, and Jenny are brought before the supreme controller, they discover that the Daleks are drilling through the Earth's crust so that they can blow out its core with a penetrative explosive capsule and then use a guidance system to pilot the planet around space. As the Daleks set the capsule in position and start the countdown, Ian, who had got stuck inside, had scrambled the wiring inside the capsule, disarming it. The supreme controller had the capsule brought back up, but as it brought back up, a Dalek observing it's lifting saw Ian departing from it, after awaiting orders the supreme ordered Ian to to be exterminated. However the Dalek only shot at the rope, believing Ian would die from the fall.

While the capsule was being re-armed, Barbara creates a diversion spinning a wild story about an uprising involving "the Boston Tea Party," "General Lee's forces" and "Hannibal attacking from the Alps,", which cause the supreme controller, to ask his aides, why he wasn't informed of this. Jenny tries to cause cause damage to the controls, while Barbra tried to use the device which controls the Robomen and send them new orders, that couldn't be count-maned. However the controller quickly realising they are lying had them immobilised, and chained them, to ensure no more delays.

With the capsule re-armed, and ready, the controller personally set the capsule down towards its target, however he was unaware it had been jammed by a cord of wood across the shaft opening, preventing a re-armed explosive capsule from moving further down the shaft. As the count down was going on, the controller had Barbra, and Jenny left alone to die in the explosion. As the controller, and his aides left the doctor, and Carl Tyler had entered the control room releasing Jenny, and Barbra. However the Doctor, accidentally sets an alarm to the controller who orders two of his aides to exterminate them.

Fortunately for the Doctor, David and Susan destroy the radio beacon, leaving the Robomen adrift and causing a temporary overload within the Daleks, who short circuit. Barbara and the Doctor give new orders to the Robomen to destroy the Daleks, and with the help of the Robomen, Wells and Tyler lead the human slaves in rebellion, destroying any inert Daleks in their way, and escaping the mine. The bomb explodes, and destroys the Dalek fleet and causes an entirely new phenomenon — a volcanic eruption in England.

The Controller was killed, either by the Robomen, the slaves, or the explosion of Bedfordshire. (TV: The Dalek Invasion of Earth)

Personality Edit

The Dalek controller, has been shown to be patient, short tempered, aggressive, quick thinking, and intelligent. The Controller, had also been shown to underestimate the humans, as with attack on the saucer, and with Ian sabotaging the capsule, twice, and with the doctor, and Tyler entering the control room.

Behind the scenes Edit

In the Daleks' Invasion Earth 2150 A.D., the Supreme Controller's role was replaced by two Daleks, a Gold Dalek and their subordinate Black Dalek.

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