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Supremacy of the Cybermen was a miniseries published by Titan Comics in 2016. It served as a four-way crossover between Titan's ongoing series Doctor Who: The Twelfth Doctor, Doctor Who: The Ninth Doctor, Doctor Who: The Eleventh Doctor and Doctor Who: The Tenth Doctor, uniting the four Doctors and their companions, similarly to 2015's Four Doctors.

The comic miniseries also served as a celebration of the Cybermen's 50th anniversary, with their debut appearance, The Tenth Planet, initially broadcast between 8 - 26th October 1966.


Part one[]

A storm rages on the planet Karn. One of the sisters finds the TARDIS buried beneath starship debris from which the Twelfth Doctor emerges requesting to be taken to Ohila.

On prehistoric Earth, the Eleventh Doctor and Alice Obiefune search for a fruit that Jenny may gift Vastra for their anniversary. The fruit Alice finds however is a nanjura fruit which, though delicious to Time Lords, is toxic to Silurians. As the Doctor snacks, a dinosaur breaks through the brush and the two start to run.

In the 24th century, the Tenth Doctor, Gabby Gonzalez and Cindy Wu travel via "space bus" through the Null Zone to Cosmomart, a planet that has been converted into a shopping mall. Despite the warnings of the pilot droid, the three transmat into the mall to find it abandoned before they are ambushed by Sontarans.

In the Powell Estate in the year 2006, Jackie Tyler flees from a mechanised dog before she is rescued by the Ninth Doctor, Rose and Jack Harkness on a flyer. Though Jackie believes the ruined state of London is the Doctor's doing, the planet has been invaded by the Cybermen. However, the Doctor believes there is more going on, as the brutal efficiency of the invasion is beyond even the Cybermen. The group's first order of business is to retrieve the TARDIS, held at the converted St Paul's Cathedral.

At Cosmomart, the Tenth Doctor surrenders to the Sontarans while Cindy lobs a shop dummy head at a soldier. Though she and Gabby are ready to run, the Doctor is adamant that they obey the Sontarans' commands. The three are led by Commander Sturg to the Sontaran flagship where Cindy realizes the Doctor wanted to be captured.

As the Eleventh Doctor and Alice flee, their pursuer is suddenly killed by a tyrannosaurus rex with a cybernetic implant. Before the apex predator can eat them, they are surrounded by Cyber-Silurians using other Cyber-converted dinosaurs as beasts of war.

On Karn, the Twelfth Doctor reveals to the Sisterhood that there are vortex tsunamis occurring throughout the Time Vortex. Though he has tried to reach Gallifrey he cannot breach the transduction barrier nor contact the High Council. As such, he has come to request usage of their "door". The secret door that the Sisterhood use to reach Gallifrey that no one is supposed to know about. Before Ohila can deny him access, Cybermen enter the chamber. With no alternatives, Ohila leads the Doctor to the door and sends him through, closing it to prevent the Cybermen from following. The Doctor runs to the High Council chamber, calling for his fellow Time Lords to break out the heavy artillery to deal with the crisis. Arriving in the Council chamber however, he is greeted by the sight of Rassilon in command of the Cybermen.

Part two[]

Despite the veritable armada of Cyber-ships surrounding the Capitol, the Twelfth Doctor simply demands to know what the hell Rassilon is doing back on his planet (as well as where he picked up his new suit). Rassilon only scoffs, Gallifrey is now under the jurisdiction of the Gallifreyan Cyber Fleet, the army through which Rassilon will return the Time Lords to their former glory. Rassilon explains that after he was exiled, despite the Eleventh General's worry, he did find somewhere to go: the home base of the last remnant of the Cybermen.

On Prehistoric Earth, the Eleventh Doctor uses his screwdriver to disrupt the implants on the Cyber-Silurians before he and Alice flee but not back to the TARDIS as Alice thinks. Cyberman technology should not even exist in this era and the Doctor is determined to find out what the Cybermen are up to.

As the flagship enters the Sontar system, it comes under attack from an unseen hostile. Despite the Tenth Doctor's assurance of the hardiness of Sontaran engineering, the craft is forced to make a fiery crash landing. On the surface, he, Cindy and Gabby are brought before the Sontaran-Prime, a first-generation Sontaran. Though the Prime attempts to put on a brave face, the Doctor can see he is scared. The Cybermen have the Sontarans on the run.

In London, Jack Harkness rams the hovercar into the Cyberman base with the quartet scampering into the TARDIS. With his ship back, the Ninth Doctor is confident in their chances of victory before the console violently explodes.

The Sontaran-Prime shows the Tenth Doctor the status of the Sontaran Empire which, save Sontar itself, has been completely conquered by the Cybermen. Even the Rutan and Alpha Centauri have fallen. The Doctor realizes the Cybermen are not merely assimilating worlds but actively removing races that pose a threat to galactic conquest. Though the Sontarans are impressed by the Cybermen's glorious ruthlessness, the Doctor is dismayed. He had come to the Sontarans for an army to fight the Cybermen. As it turns out, the Sontarans sought out the Doctor for the same reason. The Doctor has seen conflict on an almost unimaginable scale and he will lead the Sontarans to victory over the Cybermen.

As the Eleventh Doctor explains the Cybermen to Alice, the two find a shipyard constructing Arks. Determined, the Doctor realizes the Cybermen objective. Via the Arks, they will seed the galaxy with cyber-technology before most species have had a chance to evolve.

Continuing his tale, Rassilon recounts how he marvelled at the Cybermen clinging to life and their purpose but saw an opportunity in their lack of strong leadership. Giving himself over to the Cybermen, Rassilon led them back to Gallifrey with the intent that a Time Lord/Cybermen union will remake the universe. The Twelfth Doctor is appalled. By giving himself over to the Cyberiad, Rassilon has spat in the face of the "Time Lord purity" he has boasted about his whole life. A contingent of Time Lord soldiers then transmat in, shoot the Cybermen and transmat out with the Doctor brining him face-to-face with the Twelfth General.

Part three[]

Telling her side of the story, the General always knew Rassilon would return to Gallifrey. She never expected him to have allies however, least of all the Cybermen. The invasion force was too powerful for the Time Lord militia leaving the General no choice but to gather what few survivors she could in the Capitol's undercity. The base of the resistance is, quite ironically, the Tomb of Rassilon, the only spot on the planet that the Cybermen cannot penetrate. The Twelfth Doctor doubts the tomb's shielding will be useful, knowing that Rassilon will come for him, before he asks why a fleet of Battle TARDISes was not sent out. Rassilon was one step head of them, affecting something to the Eye of Harmony. As a result, each and every TARDIS is dead. The Doctor suddenly convulses as the Cybermen's temporal attacks begin rewriting his timeline.

On Prehistoric Earth, the Eleventh Doctor has finished hacking into the Silurian teleportal that leads him and Alice into a workshop that has been repurposed into a large-scale conversion factory. Accessing the computers, the Doctor finds the Cybermen are receiving quantum data packets from the end of time. The intruder detection systems then come to life and the partially converted Cybermen lumber forth.

As the Sontaran army assembles, the Tenth Doctor explains to Cindy and Gabby that the Sontarans have been targeted for their cloning technology. With Sontaran technology, the Cybermen could mass-produce an endless supply of Mondasians, and with the Cybermen's ability to install void drives into planets, they could mobilise Sontar into a planetary Cyber-cloning facility and conquer the universe in little time. However, Gabby points out that if the Cybermen are going to invade Sontar, then where are they? The Sontaran-Prime proclaims that the Cybermen have evolved beyond the Cyber-Fleet for planetary invasions. In an instant, hundreds of Cybermen descend on Sontar from numerous blue portals. The Doctor realizes that they have not evolved but been given help. Somehow, the Cybermen have acquired Gallifreyan technology from the Last Great Time War.

In 2006, the cloister bell rings as the TARDIS's internal systems begin to break down in anticipation of an implosion. The Ninth Doctor, Rose, Jackie and Jack make a last desperate run for the flyer as the TARDIS interior continues to shrink.

On Sontar, the Tenth Doctor is so awed by the Cybermen using Time Lord technology that he fails to notice a Cyberman teleporting in from behind before the Sontaran-Prime tackles him out of the way, dying in the process. Sturg then destroys the Cyberman before he points out the CyberKings on the horizon.

On prehistoric Earth, the situation has grown dangerous enough that the Eleventh Doctor teleports Alice to safety, instructing her to return to the TARDIS. The Cyber-Silurians continue their advance but the Doctor is unconcerned. The Cybermen cannot assimilate Time Lords. They quickly prove him wrong as one of their number extends their tongue and begins to upgrade him.

In 2006, Jack provides cover fire for the Ninth Doctor, Rose and Jackie before he is suddenly shot dead. The Doctor and Jackie then realise that Rose has been Cyber-converted.

On Gallifrey, the Twelfth Doctor remembers his sixth incarnation and Melanie Bush captured by the Cybermen in the Matrix, his warrior incarnation fighting a Time War against the Cybermen, his predecessor being dragged into a conversion pod by the Cyber-Silurians, a Cyberman advancing on his fourth incarnation and his second incarnation being upgraded on on Moonbase Laika. A Time Lady then informs the General that Rassilon has arrived. Confidently, the Doctor opens the tomb and greets the Cyber-President.

Part four[]

Remembering when the Twelfth Doctor saved Gallifrey, the General is aghast at the Doctor selling the resistance out to Rassilon. The Doctor only laughs, the key to defeating power mad despots is not to hide away but to confront the villains head-on. Rassilon ushers his prisoners into the Panopticon - now adorned with statues of Rassilon's previous selves - before he activates a lift that takes them to the Eye of Harmony. Arriving, both the Doctor and the General are shocked at the sight.

In London, the Ninth Doctor drags Jackie away from the Cyber-converted Rose as he swears to avenge her. When he aims his sonic screwdriver at Rose however, the Cybermen techno-virus spreads from the device and onto the Doctor's hand. Realizing how the Cybermen conquered the planet so fast, the Doctor ushers Jackie into the flyer and explains that the Cybermen have turned the upgrading process into an airborne techno-virus. The Doctor is capable of adjusting the shields to filter out the virus to keep Jackie safe but it will leave her trapped inside with him.

On Sontar, the troops are following perfect military protocol but the Tenth Doctor highlights that is why they are losing. The Cyber-Planners know exactly what the Sontarans will do and are prepared for every eventuality. Cindy proposes ramming a Sontaran scout ship directly into a CyberKing. Sturg disagrees, arguing that not only are Cindy and Gabby inexperienced pilots, but the attack would be of no tactical value. The Doctor agrees and concludes that Cindy's plan is perfect. The Cybermen will never expect it.

The Eleventh Doctor awakens during his conversion. Despite the hopelessness, he takes solace in the fact that Alice is safe. The Cyberiad hacks into his retinas to show him an image of a darkened TARDIS refusing Alice entry. A spark lights within the Doctor as he highlights the error of assimilating him. The Doctor is a tinkerer. Show him a machine and he'll reprogram it. Show him a proud warrior race that has had its emotions cut out? And he'll return them tenfold. As the Cyber-Silurians convulse at the horror they have become, Alice flees and the Doctor has a bitter laugh at his victory.

On Sontar, the CyberKing fumbles as it tries to intercept Cindy and Gabby's pod, giving the Tenth Doctor a perfect cover before their craft is simply swatted out of the air. The seeming demise of his friends awakens a fury in the Doctor and he rams his pod directly into the CyberKing's head. Exiting the pod, the Doctor wires himself into the dreadnought and sends his rage throughout out the Cyberiad disrupting the invasion. Unbeknownst to him, Cindy and Gabby have survived the crash and witness the act.

In 2006, the Ninth Doctor can feel the nanites swarming his entire body as he defiantly limps out of the flyer and back towards the TARDIS. Despite his warning, Jackie follows him back into the ship. The Doctor explains that the Cybermen intend to use Earth as an experiment for their new invasion method, but if he can stop them here, they won't hurt anyone else. With that, he overrides the implosion protocols on the TARDIS to rupture the containment field around the Eye of Harmony, creating an explosion large enough to destroy the Earth completely.

The Twelfth Doctor examines the looms that Rassilon has wired several Time Lords into to via which he is harvesting their regeneration energy and directing it into the Eye of Harmony. Rassilon defends his actions by reminding the Doctor that he created the Time Lords. They are his to command. As the General is wired into a loom, Rassilon reveals his master plan. The universe is as good as dead and at the moment it finally dies, Rassilon will ignite the accumulated the regenerative energy within the Eye and quite literally regenerate the universe... in his image. The Cybermen then turn on their ally. There will be a universal regeneration but in their image.

Part five[]

Over Rassilon's protests, the Cybermen lock both him and the Twelfth Doctor into looms. The Doctor then remembers everything. His ninth, tenth and eleventh selves fighting the Cybermen, the Fifth Doctor and Peri fleeing a Cybermen-conquered Skaro while the Seventh Doctor is attacked by an upgraded Ace.

In 2006, Jackie throws herself at the Ninth Doctor. He made a promise to Rose that he would protect Earth, he cannot destroy it. The Doctor is profuse in his apologies but Earth is beyond saving and the energy is building up to detonation... before it inexplicably vanishes. A closer analysis reveals the energy has been siphoned away before Rose breaks into the TARDIS brandishing her cyber-weapon.

On Sontar, the Tenth Doctor uses his newly-acquired CyberKing to quite literally stomp out the invasion force before a Cyber-Ark appears in the sky and commences planetary conversion.

On prehistoric Earth, the exhausted Eleventh Doctor boasts about his victory before the Cyberiad terminates the Cyber-Silurians. The Cyber-Arks then launch, ready to infect the developing galaxy and the Doctor can only howl in despair at his failure.

On Gallifrey, Rassilon is unconscious in spite of the Twelfth Doctor's attempts to awaken him. Before the Doctor can be wired into a state of perpetual regeneration, he is approached by the new Cyber-Controller. In spite of everything, the Doctor takes solace that the end of the universe will destroy the Cybermen along with everyone else. The Cyber-Controller disagrees and modifies Rassilon's plan. Regeneration does not only bring about a new incarnation, it accelerates the death of the current one. Using Time Lord technology, the Cybermen can apply that principle on a universal scale. As they begin however, Rassilon reads as brain dead. Unconcerned, the Cyber-Controller orders the Doctor plugged in as a replacement. Unseen by all, Rassilon smiles.

The Doctor awakens in a virtual recreation of his boyhood barn where he is greeted by Rassilon who masterminded the Doctor being plugged in. The Cybermen have done the impossible and taught Rassilon humility who can do little more than beg the Doctor to win like he always does. The Doctor however is out of options. The Eleventh Doctor tried to change the Cybermen, the Tenth Doctor tried to become them and the Ninth Doctor tried to destroy them. Rassilon reveals all the scenarios targeted at all the Doctor's past selves were designed to be too much for him and distract him from the true machinations. The Doctor became a warrior to fight Rassilon's war, now Rassilon must become a doctor to help heal the universe.

In the real world, the Doctor and Rassilon have been upgraded. With the aperture now open, the Cybermen make ready for the final phase of their plans. Within the simulation, the Doctor and Rassilon glow with regenerative energy. The Doctor declares that they must use their power to regenerate the old universe as opposed to creating a new one. Finally agreeing to bury the hatchet, the two initiate mental contact. As the Cyber-Controller basks in his victory, he is warned that the regenerative energy is flowing backwards through the Eye of Harmony. The Doctor laughs, the Cybermen have been using the Eye of Harmony to affect all their changes to the universe and that same path can be used to undo their plans. Regenerative energy flows through the Eye from Gallifrey to Earth and everywhere in between as the cyber-upgrades are burned off everyone and everything. As the Cyber-Controller explodes from the energy overload, time rewinds and resets...

Rose Tyler happily reunites with her mother to the Ninth Doctor's annoyance, the Tenth Doctor endures Cindy and Gabby's indulgent shopping while the Eleventh Doctor and Alice fly in the TARDIS while snacking on prehistoric fruit.

Alone in his TARDIS, the Twelfth Doctor wonders if Rassilon remembers the Cybermen attack. He hopes he does, believing that Rassilon deserves to remember. After all, the Doctor can't be alone in everything.