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Supernature was Doctor Who Magazine's first Eleventh Doctor comic story and their debut of Amy Pond. It was not, however, the comic strip premiere for either character. They were at the time of first publication, already regulars in Doctor Who Adventures.


The Doctor and Amy arrive on a mysterious planet inhabited by criminals. Something is infecting the criminals and now the infection has caught up with Amy. The Doctor must stand alone and fight the infection before it spreads across the Galaxy.


Part one[]

In some bad quality video footage, a woman sends out a desperate warning, telling people never to land on this planet as their was an infection they couldn't contain.

On a jungle planet, the Eleventh Doctor and Amy Pond are exploring, trying to work out where they are, as the Doctor declares he's 99% sure this isn't the planet Basingstoke, their intended destination.

Suddenly, a robot drone appears, scanning the travellers for weaponry, while the Doctor remarks it's very efficient and works out its trying to keep people in rather than out. He then asks to be taken to its programmer. They are taken to a colony, and security tagged by Conrad Finch. He tells them that they're all exiles, criminals even, and Amy sarcastically remarks that the Doctor won't get out of this one. Conrad then looks up, and asks if Amy said 'Doctor'.

The duo are taken to see Nerena Cargill who asks why it took them so long, as they sent the signal two days ago. The Doctor plays along and says they just got lost.






  • Amy transforms into a butterfly-like creature.

Time Lords[]


  • Writer Jonathan Morris jokingly claimed on his blog that the story's name was stolen from a B-side on an Erasure single.[1]
  • The first words spoken by the Eleventh Doctor in his comic book tenure are; "Okay... I'm ninety-nine per cent sure this isn't Basingstoke!"
  • This comic marked a changing of the guard for the regular writing staff, with Jonathan Morris taking over from Dan McDaid as the principal comic writer on the magazine. It also made Mike Collins the first artist to have drawn the first DWM appearances of three Doctors. He had already handled opening duties for the Ninth and Tenth Doctors. It added to his already impressive lead in terms of "most number of Doctors drawn", as he had previously drawn at least one story for each Doctor since the Seventh.
  • The third edition of the reference book AHistory dates this story to circa 2895, as it is set during the time of the Earth Empire.