Superior Beings was the forty-third BBC Past Doctor Adventures novel. It featured the Fifth Doctor and Peri Brown.

Publisher's summary

Peri hasn't been time-travelling for long and is just getting used to the Doctor and the TARDIS. The Doctor's such a sweet, friendly guy and the TARDIS keeps leaving her little presents, which is neat. When the TARDIS takes them to a party of super-advanced humans on a pleasure-planetoid in the far future (even neater!), Peri falls for the charms of the local hunk and finds herself flying headlong into a quite different form of time-travel...

The Valethske are hunters. They prefer human flesh to any other. They've been sleeping for centuries and now they're hungry. The Doctor, teaming up with shamed xenologist Aline Vehlmann, finds himself caught up in the machinations of the vulpine hunters, and discovers that fresh meat isn't all they're after...

For deep beneath the surface of a strange and beautiful garden-planet, something is waiting. Something that Aline believes is her destiny. Something for which the Valethske have been searching for centuries. And as events escalate into a desperate fight for survival, who will prove themselves the superior beings?

Chapter Titles

  1. Almost Human
  2. Uninvited Guests
  3. Earth Girls Aren't Easy
  4. Taken by Storm
  5. A Taste of Rain
  6. A Cold day in Hell
  7. Rescue
  8. Lust for Life
  9. Well-Tended Paradise
  10. The Sleeping Beast
  11. Shock Tactics
  12. Forbidden Fruit
  13. Inside the Tree
  14. Fresh Meat
  15. Bargain
  16. Contact
  17. Dreams of Deicide
  18. Sacrifice
  19. Betrayal
  20. Alliance
  21. Sea of Thorns
  22. Sterilisation
  23. A Warning to the Curious
  24. Superiority Complex
  25. Final Destiny
  26. Ashes


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