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Supergirl Meets E.T. was an animated short created by the LEGO Group in conjunction with LEGO Dimensions. Part of the Meet That Hero! umbrella title of shorts, its short narrative featured the Twelfth Doctor in a supporting role.

Publisher's synopsis[]

Two beings from space. Both adopted into normal Earthling families. Both have conquered the power of flight. Both masters of disguise. Only one is like, really obsessed with phones. Find out which two heroes will be joining the fight against evil-doers, criminals, and just bad dudes in the LEGO® DIMENSIONS™ Multiverse this September!


Supergirl hosts a broadcast entitled Meet That Hero! about a fellow extraterrestrial hero like herself, E.T.. She summarises E.T.'s biography: after being brough to Earth by a spaceship, he became stranded there and was taken in by a human family. He subsequently made use of his superpowers to help those in need.

E.T. himself surprises Supergirl by making a Kryptonian flower grow. Overjoyed, Supergirl voices her newfound wish to created an "alien club". The Twelfth Doctor interrupts her with enthusiastic support for the idea and waves at his TARDIS, ostensibly putting forward that it could be used to assemble the members.

E.T., however, can only focus on the outer appearance as a phone-box, and appreciatively mutters "Phooooone" to the others' mild confusion.






  • Supergirl is seen riding a bicycle.
  • Unlike E.T., who came to Earth in a proper spacecraft, Supergirl notes that she was brought to the planet by a pod.
  • E.T. has access to a "phone" with "insane range".

Vegetal life[]

Story notes[]

  • In the context of the video game LEGO Dimensions, for which this story served as a kind of prelude, E.T., Supergirl and the Twelfth Doctor all inhabit different parallel universes to one another, with various portals and the TARDIS itself being what allows the characters to meet. Consequently, the Earth seen in this game is not the Earth of the Doctor's native universe: he has travelled to another dimension. However, this information is not considered valid on this Wiki due to coming from LEGO Dimensions, whose branching story makes us deem it an invalid source for the writing of in-universe articles.