The Super Hotel Miramar was a special branch of Hotel Miramar created during the first human expansion beyond the solar system. Long-distance travellers from Earth would frequently stop at the Miramar.

In an effort to remain timeless in a constantly changing world, the Miramar strove to change very little about itself. (PROSE: Enter Wildthyme)


Originally, the Super Hotel Miramar was located on the Spiral Wing. 20 years after Jessie began working at the hotel, it was relocated to the edge of the Golden Chasm.

Iris Wildthyme and Jenny Winterleaf once visited the Miramar.

About 80 years after the relocation, Anthony Marvelle began regularly coming to the Miramar with female "companions", who he would sleep with. On a weekend when a literary convention was held at the Miramar, Marvelle brought Jenny to the hotel.

Shortly afterwards, Iris, Panda, and Simon spent a couple days resting at the Miramar after a harrowing encounter with Marvelle. (PROSE: Enter Wildthyme)