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Super Gran was a comic story published in Doctor Who The Official Annual 2016.


Gertie used to travel with the Doctor. A long time ago. She knows she will see him again on September 26th... she just doesn't now what year. Each year she waits and tells her grandchild stories of time and space but he's getting older now and Gertie is becoming impatient. Will the Doctor ever come back?


Earth, 26 September 2010. On the news a reported explains how NASA hope to send a manned mission to Mars in 2035, however one of the people watching it claim they've already been there. Charlie Baker is interested in Gertie's stories about a mysterious man who goes by the name the Doctor — despite his parents thinking it's all a bunch of nonsense. She speaks about Mars as peaceful and quiet... at first. Charlie's parents discuss about how nonsensical her stories are, although his mum admits that Charlie loves her stories.

26 September 2012. Red sky at night, however red sky in the morning is not something that you'd want. Once again, Gertie speaks about another adventure — this time where she and the Doctor encounter a Gestalt Creature trying to superheat the planet's surface and destroy all life. Charlie is very interested in how they escaped that situation, but Gertie tells him that he wouldn't believe her even if she told him. Later in the kitchen, Charlie is curious as to how he never met him due to them being best friends. She tells him about a promise that he made — that he'd come back 26th of September... but he didn't specify the year.

26 September 2014. Gertie is now talking about an adventure set in the past — presumably Ancient Egypt, and talks about how a mummy chased them round a pyramid. However, Charlie is playing a video game and shows clear disinterest into her story. Another 26th of September goes by without the Doctor.

26 September 2016. Gertie and Charlie are waiting for a bus, in the rain. Two boys confront Charlie exclaiming that she's a liar and that all the stories are just rubbish, and even mock her crying for help whilst the other pretends to be a monster. Charlie snaps, and tells them that he knows their stories are false but they should leave her alone anyway. Soon, a giant flash of light appears in the sky — it's the Doctor and Clara on top of a time dragon. She takes Gertie and Charlie aboard — and Charlie can't believe it.

The time dragon lands outside of their house. Clara wonders how they'll get the TARDIS back from the Luminos Bridge. The Doctor tells her that the energy is still linked to the TARDIS and the dragon can pull it through the vortex. The dragon spits out the TARDIS from its mouth, meaning the time energy is where it belongs — thus the time dragon becomes an ordinary robot dragon. The Doctor invites them for a quick spin in the TARDIS, Mars and back in time for tea. The TARDIS dematerialises with the dragon on top.



  • NASA was mentioned to hope to send a manned mission to Mars in 2035.



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