Super Daleks were part of the Dalek force which waged the invasion of Earth in the year 2254. (GAME: Dalek Attack)

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

The term "Super Daleks" appears on the game box cover of Dalek Attack. It is not made clear which of the many Dalek variants featured in the game possessed this designation.

The Super Dalek seen in NOTVALID: Inside a Skaro Saucer.

The term, at any rate, far predates the video game: the Super Daleks appeared in Inside a Skaro Saucer, one of the non-narrative features in The Dalek World, where it was stated that any Dalek flying saucer contained a Super Dalek at all times. An illustration of a Super Dalek was provided. It was stated that the Super Daleks had hypnotic powers and the ability to effect thought transference.

There, the casing of the Super Dalek was shown to be a metal-coloured Dalek War Machine with a white dome wired into the ceiling of the glass chamber in which the Super Dalek is kept.

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