Sung-Chi Li was a Chinese policeman in Shanghai during the early 20th century. He was the oldest of his parents' seven children. His father was killed in 1911 during the revolution, crushed by a crowd cheering Sun Yat Sen. Li thus became the man of the house and learned the value of discipline while supporting his family. He also found a wife.

Li was present in Shanghai when the Chinese and Japanese clashed there in 1932. Li was captured by Ishiguro Takashi and taken before Major Ryuji Matsu for interrogation. Matsu convinced Li that, with China locked in the struggle between Nationalists and Communists, Japanese rule could restore much-needed order. With Li disillusioned with the capability of his government to bring stability, he agreed to work as an agent for the Japanese under Matsu.

His wife died some time before August 1937.

In August 1937 during the very earliest stages of the Pacific War, Li inadvertently got caught up in Hsien-Ko's plot to get revenge on Magnus Greel. He helped the Fourth Doctor and Romana I stop Hsien-Ko's plan, although his loyalties secretly remained with the Japanese. Upon discovering Hsien-Ko's nuclear reactor hidden within the mountain of T'ai Shan, he attempted to contact Matsu in Manchuria but was stopped by Mr Sin. He destroyed the reactor himself, nearly causing a meltdown, and then manipulated the Tong of the Black Scorpion into fighting one another. He died in a confrontation with Woo (Takashi), with screaming voices in his head calling him a traitor. (PROSE: The Shadow of Weng-Chiang)

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