The Sumaran Era was a historical epoch on the planet Manussa during the reign of the Mara, which was known as the Sumaran Empire, which lasted for 300 years.

In Manussan year 3126, Ambril studied artefacts from the Sumaran Era, including the Six Faces of Delusion which dated from the middle Sumaran Era, circa 2426. During the middle era, carvings of the Mara resembled a rearing snake, consistent with other imagery from that period with only "insignificant variation." However, in "Sumaran three period," the head had a tendency to be less pronounced. (TV: Snakedance)

The Eighth Doctor steered the TARDIS towards the Jovian Fold at the Sumaran Era timeline 9235.3, planning to drop off his companion Charley Pollard for the Millennium Mardi-Gras: a thousand-year party to celebrate the billionth span of the Jovian civilisation. (AUDIO: The Girl Who Never Was) Troubles with the Time Lords and a time distortion caused by anti-time waylaid their passage on a previous adventure. (AUDIO: Neverland)