Suki Cheng and Aramu worked in the laboratory that was located near the beach in Madagascar

In the early 2020s, after Suki Cheng's home planet was infected by Praxeus, she was sent with her spaceship to Earth to find the cure. Suki set up a laboratory in Madagascar for this purpose. The laboratory had broad-spectrum antibiotics, a high-power microscope, blood cultures, rapid genome sequencing, a spectrophotometer, and a super fast incubator. Suki worked there with Aramu, claiming that they were working on a marine filtration system, connected into the Crystal Oceans Initiative.

During her investigation of strange bird behaviour the Thirteenth Doctor visited the lab, accompanied by Ryan Sinclair, Graham O'Brien, Jake Willis, and sick Adam Lang. She liked the laboratory, saying that it was very well equipped. While Ryan was dissecting a bird that he found on the Peruvian beach, the Doctor used the equipment to examine the Praxeus pathogen with Suki's help. As the Doctor find out that Suki was not a human, she teleported herself to her spaceship. Soon after that the laboratory was attacked by the birds, so the Doctor and her companions had to leave the lab. (TV: Praxeus)

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