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{{Third Doctor Polystyle comics}}
{{Third Doctor Polystyle comics}}
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[[Category:Third Doctor TVA comic stories]]
[[Category:Third Doctor TVA comic stories]]

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Software limitations prevent us from representing the proper styling of this title, *Sub Zero. See here for more details. Editors wishing to link to the article using the proper spelling can type [[Sub Zero (comic story)|*Sub Zero]].

*Sub Zero was a Third Doctor comic story published in TV Action.


The Daleks steal an atomic submarine and launch its missiles at Sydney, Australia. They plan to establish a base in the ruins, convert the survivors into Daleks, then destroy the rest of the world!



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  • This is the only known Doctor Who story to begin with a typographical symbol — in this case, an asterisk — instead of an alphabetic or numeric character.


  • Sydney Harbour Bridge was apparently rebuilt, as it was seen to be whole again in TV: Journey's End.

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