You may be looking for River Styx.

Field Major Styx was a Sontaran. Circa 3500 BC he landed in Egypt, where he was hailed by the natives as the god Sontar. He commanded the natives to construct an ion cannon emplacement for use in the war with the Rutan Host, knowing that the planet and its people would likely be destroyed in retaliation. Tothmes learned of this plan, and when Sontar began recharging, he told the pharaoh that the god had died and had him entombed.

In 1926, an archaeological dig in Egypt unearthed the tomb of Sontar. Awakening, the Sontaran strangled the archaeologist, but before he could escape, the local labourers, following ancient instructions, cut the rope holding the stone door of the tomb's entrance aloft. Sontar, pinned but still living, was reburied in the sand. (COMIC: The Gods Walk Among Us)

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